ASK A QUESTION :: Kilims in Dubai?

Asked by Julia. Apr 20, 2016 Hello! I am currently looking into buying rugs for our house to make it more homely and give it a warmer feeling. I am a big fan of Kilim rugs. Do you know where to find these in Dubai? Thanks alot! Answered by Nisrine, Apr 21, 2016 Hello Julia. Kilims are a wonderful addition to any house and there's a reason why these rugs are becoming a particular favourite among interior designers; they're old but modern, eclectic yet trendy, and bold but somehow astonishingly adaptable. Hailing from a region that spans from the Balkans to Pakistan. You can find a couple of nice ones at IKEA, or the similar looking ones from the Facebook shop Bedouin Kilim in Dubai or from


If you have signed up for our 12 day styling challenge you would have been involved in the number one step for prepping a space and that is DECLUTTERING! It is key to creating a fresh space and almost feels like a space detox! I have shared below my tips on how to get it done efficiently. STEPS TO DECLUTTER: Set aside a good few hours for the process, tackle one room at a time, then play on your favourite music! The important thing is identifying the clutter hot spots that you need to focus on – and then make it a mission to get it done! Label some bags/boxes (THROW AWAY) (DONATE) & (KEEP) THROW AWAY THE FOLLOWING:: Old magazines face it you aren’t going to read them again Receipts, bills &

ASK A QUESTION :: Firefly pendant ceiling lights?

Asked by Omar. Apr 6, 2016 Hello! We have been on the hunt for Firefly pendant ceiling lights - the one on a rectangular base with 5 bulbs, for over our dining table. We have been unsuccessful so far in finding one here in Dubai. Could you kindly let us know if there is a store in Dubai that sells it? Thanks alot! Answered by Nisrine, Apr 7, 2016 Hello Omar. I'm guessing you have already checked at West Elm & Crate & Barrel, if you had no luck there, I recommend checking out these Indigo Living Milano lights which are available in both silver & rose gold. You can also check at Huda Lighting located on Umm Suqeim road and are currently on sale. They have a big collection and variety. If nothi

ASK A QUESTION :: What's the best way to place furniture in an irregular shaped bedroom?

Asked by Sabina. Apr 4, 2016 Hello, I have a design dilemma. We have an irregular shaped bedroom. It's semi circular in shape with Windows on one side of the semi circle and a curved wall at the other side. And the end of the room opposite the circular wall has built in wardrobes. It's shaped like the alphabet 'p'. It's a fairly large room. My questions are as follows: What is the best way to design the room, place the furniture in irregular shaped rooms. We have a bed, bedside tables on either side of the bed, tv console, a narrow tall bookshelf and an arm chair. Please suggest tips to decorate an irregular space. Currently we have dark wood furniture, dark rug and dark curtains. How can I

ASK A QUESTION :: Mirrors & Side Tables?

Asked by Luna. Apr 4, 2016 Hello, I wanted to ask where to source these three items from? Also looking for reasonably priced mother of pearl Syrian side tables and mirrors. Thank you! Answered by Nisrine, Apr 5, 2016 Hi Luna, Thank you for sending across your question! For the mother of pearl syrian tables, I recommend checking 'Cities' in Galleria Mall on Al Wasl. Alternatively you can also check the Syrian quarter in Global Village or even order online from . You are bound to find items with More wood work and less inlay that will still give you the nice artisinal effect for a better value for money. For the Mirror, you will find that particular one at Home'R'us! Fi

ASK A QUESTION :: Leather or Fabric?

Asked by Aalia. Apr 4, 2016 Hello, Is it better to buy a leather or fabric living room set? Answered by Nisrine, Apr 5, 2016 Hi Alia, Great question! Knowing that you have children in the house, why not mix and not buy a whole set? A big large leather sofa that can take all the nitty gritty of daily use, they are the best and easiest to clean and maintain around children, then accent your living room with two fabric single seaters in different colours. This will give more visual interest to the space too! Marina Home, West Elm & Crate & Barrel have a nice variety. You can also get a bespoke one done to your chosen style and colours @booburys. Warmly, Nisrine #askaquestion #livingroom #tips #


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This month we our JLT Family home got featured in Emirates Homes Magazine April Issue... we couldn't be more thrilled as it looks just amazing in real as it does in print!


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