You might have seen my past precious posts on the brand Chattels & More but I wanted to shed more light on this wonderful home grown brand with its wider offerings. For starters, I always wondered about the name so it turns out that ‘Chattels’ refers to movable articles of personal property, like furniture and accessories. Since people have always been inspired and motivated by beautiful belongings and will sometimes go to any lengths to possess them they decided to they collaborate with designers, manufacturers and artisans from around the world to deliver... More. Sourced from across Europe, their wide range of furniture and accessories are urban, modern and sophisticated in design where t


Now that you have seen the overall styling of the same sofa 3 ways, I thought I would show you some closeup of the pieces we added to achieve that look. 2// Romantic Boho with a Touch of Traditional Here the Axel sofa from ID Design was styled with a tonal colour palette, this light grey sofa looks perfectly at ease in the country. Quiet simple details thrive - textured ruffled pillows, a tasselled throw for a table cover, some white washed wooden trinket boxes, simple green arrangements- while the woven baskets and the poufs offer extra texture and warmth to the overall palette... Now you instantly feel like you have left the city to start your vacation. Don't you think? Shop this room at I


Your sofa might be the most stressed-about purchase in your home - besides your bed perhaps. If you are in the market for a sofa and don't know what style is best, you can be sure that gong for something in a neutral light grey, comfortable, and clean-lines will be the best decision you can make. Its accessories and elements can be tweaked slightly for a refresh or completely overhauled for a brand-new room. Check out the three different looks I styled for the Axel sofa from ID Design: 1// Black, White and warmed up with Wood A two-toned colour palette and a few natural masculine materials (tusks, wood, natural stone and leather) turn this living room into a grown-up bachelor pad. The light


With pantone's Kale colour being announced as its top colour of the year, we have been seeing it more and more in everything in the design industry. My favourite has been its application on furniture just like this wonderful Trace arm chair with its foot rest. Its stunning eye-catching tone gives you the feeling of breathing fresh mountain air, almost begging you for the desire to connect to nature. As a colour, It works with a multitude of colour schemes from mustards to 50 shades of greys, browns and of course neutral beiges and whites. While its modern shape and brass legs gives that sophisticated midcentury vibe. Shop this collection and more at ID Design in the following retail showroo


Your entryway is the first welcome into the home. It is the mood-setter for your home. Coming back from a stressful day is hard enough with traffic or a long commute, so treat yourself to these creature comforts as soon as you walk in the door. Why not give my 5 Pieces Rule a try for styling your entryway? It is very simple to apply.. you add one of each of the following: Something Textured or Patterned, Something Shiny, Something Modern or Old, Something Organic & Something Artistic. So when styling the lovely Carrara console we applied it as follows: Something Textured/Patterned:The trinket bone inlayed boxes Something Shiny: The standing magnifying trinket light holders Something


Anyone who knows me well knows how borderline OCD I can be, which is why I have survived on a leather sofa for many years before finally taking the plunge to move onto a white fabric sofa! This big decision only came after discovering the wonderful product of NANO4LIFE!!! If you have been following my instagram stories a while back, you would have seen the entire easy process of application after which I actually tested the results by spilling my whole coffee mug on our Brand New White Sofa!!! Trust me I almost had a heart attack!! but the promise of the product pushed me to give it a go! And the results wouldn't have been more impressive!! I followed the cleaning instructions simply by wipi


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