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I'm not sure where to start with this one! Blessed I am as I have for some reason always been involved with families who have just moved into their house (full of boxes!) But this family was extra special because of the amazing mix of culture in it! Dr. Dorsaf, a Tunisian University professor, who among the places she has lived in was Japan! She even reads and writes the language! Married to Mr. Faisal, a Canadian from a Pakistani origin, who have met in Dubai and now have two lovely little kids who speak four languages! Giving this family a home was truly something! not because of the cocktail of cultures but beacuse the couple have two totally different styles - and I was the buffer or catalysit as Dora calls me!

The couple live in the new compound of Dar Al Wasl by box park, and the house, is so spacious unlike many Dubai houses. This presented an opportunity to keep a few elements from the original furniture, but to also add many key pieces to the overall space that mirrored the identity of family. The design scheme we opted to go for was an elegant eclectic mix in colors, materials and textures.

The before - living room

The before - dining room

The proposed space - overall look

The first thing that was done was switch the spaces of the living room and the dining room, the change in layout made an immediate transofrmation even with the existing furniture! That was the first wow I got from them!

We were able to source all the furniture locally in Dubai, starting with the antique looking entrance console and chair that welcomed guests with its bright blue color, and the beautifully hued runner that the couple already owned.

You are immediately showered with light the more you moved into the house. The living room itself was split into two spaces, a larger one for watching tv and having guests, and a cozy small corner by the stairs for reading playing with the kids (who's toys were kept in large wicker baskets handy at any needed time, yet tidy when guests were around!)

What I made sure to keep was the weathered brown leather single seat ... it has so much character it would have been a shame to take it away! Did I mention they also had really nice Afghan carpets! We added two torqoise colored single seaters from West Elm to complete the living room and anchored them with beautiful round sleek wooden coffee tables from Mood Design and two wooden side tables from Pan Emirates. The accessories that echoed the travels of the family completed the space just perfectly.

Where the living room once was now became the light filled dining room perfect for having big dinner parties with family and friends. The beautiful wooden dining room from Crate & Barrel is elegant, formal and informal at the same time! It can withstand kids, game night and ramadan iftars! We made sure to add loads of color here with accent yellow chairs from The One and the azure blue wall that screamed Tunisia, especially that we added the Tunisian Doors artwork from GalleryOne and styled it with Tagine pots that Dora already owned - it complemented it beautifully!

Despite some unforseen obstacles that made the project take a bit longer than originally intended, laying the items in stages meant that the space was more real for the family and the feeling that this was becoming home and not just a house was a true experience.

Make sure to check out the second post for this transformation to see what we did upstairs!

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