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Continuing from the previous post about the Dar Al Wasl transformed home, we move upwards... where we are taken by the stairway to heaven! cliche I know! but that skylight hitting the marble stairs almost grabs you like a light attracts a moth! We kept those walls warm with the amazing rug art from Marina home.

Working on the Master bedroom where we decided to keep the King size leather studded bed and breathe new life into the room with a totally fresh blue color scheme - I think this was my favourite room in the transformation, for obvious reasons!

We added two wooden chestlike side beds from West Elm, some nice brass lights from Marina, plenty of storage offered by the wooden Indigo Living chest of drawers. Then we anchored it all with a fresh coat of Jotun's Fenomastic 4638 Elegant blue paint, Wall art from Crate & Barrel, some accessories,plenty of candles, greenery & new Zara, Marina bedding and voila! a huge transformation!!

The wall plus the bedding combo brang a whole new meaning to blue that we are QUITE fond of, and we bet its very hard to get out of bed in the mornings!

The Before

The Proposed

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