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If you are passionate for handmade, organic and sustainable goods and love well selected Ethical products that are good for the environment, artisans and community, then look no more.

TRIBE offers you all of that and more... there is not one piece in there that you would not want to bring back home!

We chat with Jo England, owner of this wonderful store about her venture in Dubai and how it all started.

Please tell us about your business and what inspired you to start your business adventure?

Following a career as senior creative in the design/advertising industry and working on corporate branding, I took a creative leap developing property and honing my interior design skills. I bought numerous derelict properties and turned them into beautiful light-filled homes with plunge pools, indoor trees, vaulted ceilings, sunken tv rooms and crafted each feature from kitchen tiles to barn doors. This has naturally paved the path into sourcing pieces that I love and developing furniture and homewares with artisans both locally here in Dubai and around the globe.

Tribe represents my passion for handmade, organic and sustainable goods. I love sourcing products, meeting with the artisans and supporting the continuation of these timeless skills. Ethical trade is the core of my business principle. It must be good for the environment, good for the artisan and good for the community.

I saw the opportunity to have a new point of view and like myself, found that people were looking for something unique, a more relaxed, elegant, chic/casual feel that reflects and works in harmony with our amazing coastal environment of Dubai.

We are so proud to represent wonderful brands and initiatives such as Armadillo & Co Rugs, 100% hand-made, sustainable and Certified Fair-Trade. This company provides employment for their ‘family’ of 1,500 weavers and sustains an industry of ancient craftsmen. It also supports education and local schools in their weavers villages, builds schools and a brighter future for children in these underprivileged communities. It is certified Kaleen which is the commitment that no child labour is used in the making of these rugs.

We are unique in what we do and the personal experience we bring to our clients.

Tribe also offers a styling service, home consultations, mood boards and design briefs for residential and commercial projects. Our bespoke services allow us to custom make furniture of our client's dreams. We also organise seasonal workshops with artists and designers to give the opportunity for like-minded people in the community to meet and share their experiences.

Where can we find your products?

Tribe Studio is located on Sheikh Zayed road, next to the Dubai Garden Center, in the Lexus Building, with access via rear lift lobby. We are open weekdays 9 - 5pm; and Saturdays 11 - 5pm, or by appointment.

Ramadan Trading will be 10-4pm 6 days.

And we have very exciting news that from 1st September we will have a brand new location in The Courtyard, opposite Bounce. We will be part of an incredible revamp of this area with amazing cafes, a slow-press juice bar and other unique vendors. We will host events and markets throughout the year.


What inspire you in/about Dubai?

The Urbanisation of Dubai is super exciting, it’s creating a huge amount of energy and a platform for new and emerging designers to be creative.

The growing trend in sustainability pleases me personally and I love the influence this positive support is having on design.

Favourite thing to do in City?

I wasn’t expecting to love the desert as much as I do, so definitely heading out for an early BBQ dinner and watching the kids run free, coating themselves in sand rolling down the dunes and having fun with their friends.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I love spending time with my family out on the water, skiing and swimming then anchoring near the mangroves to spot turtles coming up for air and watching the flamingos feeding. The kids are happy fishing, catching crabs or coming back to shore and reading under the palm trees. I love the tranquility of the water and it’s restorative values.

A Dubai store you could spend hours browsing?

I love the vibe of Bastakyia and could spend hours amongst the beautiful architecture and watching the traders and people busy with the buzz of energy and life down there.


As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

the support from the community that we have experienced as been paramount in the success of our business.

Do you read any blog? If so which ones are your favorite?

I have always got an eye on my good friend, Irene Hoofs’ She is a constant source of inspiration.



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