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Was recently interviewed by Betterhomes Magazine on my style for various tips and favourite decor tips!

Describe your design style

I would say it’s contemporary meets Modern Glam. Although I love a good vintage or flee market find these are not easily accessible here in the UAE, so my home is a clean mix of neutral masculine color palettes finished with plenty of bling from chrome and brass, to statement mirrors, luxe fabrics and velvet ornate furniture.

Favourite places to shop for furniture in the UAE, and why?

My favourites are Bloomingdales, Nakkash Gallery, The One Fusion, Indigo Living, Marina Homes & Crate & Barrel – they all have a variety of styles at different price points and plenty of accessories to complete the space with. Having said that, I love mixing and matching high and low items together so that a room doesn’t look like a showroom… it all needs to be personalised.

Your favorite place to buy rugs

Carpet centre have a big variety at various price points and styles. E-barza have a nice selection of over dyed carpets and both Crate & Barrel and Pottery barn have a wide variety of colorfully patterned rugs. I have also ordered custom made cotton dhurries from @fromjaipurwithlove for different projects.

Do you like wallpaper or paint, and why?

Although wallpaper is amazing and gives a big impact, I personally prefer paint. It now comes in a variety of textures and finishes. And from a homeowner perspective its hassle free, easy and quick to change and to maintain. Having said that I wouldn’t refrain from using wallpaper in small show walls or areas like entrances and powder rooms that demand a showstopper effect.

What items do you love splurging on?

My philosophy has always been, spend the most you can afford on the things that come into contact with your body so great cotton bed sheets, down pillows and a down comforter are a must… yes they are expensive but you can think of them as an investment you are using every day for years to come!

Have you done any DIYs at home?

Oh yes plenty… from laying a stonewall for our kitchen bar to painting accent walls, furniture pieces and refinishing our wooden garden set … but my favourite DIY was a black washi tape show wall I did in my son’s room.

Please recommend your go-to handy man for maintenance/tailor or house-work

I love the new Application called SWIFFIX where you can instantly book a service and get charged a flat rate for it

Colour combination to try

Well with 2017 right around the corner, I would say Dark Green is making a comeback. Whether its on a wall or on a feature armchair or cushion. Soften that with bright whites, pastel pink and tan browns for a relaxed outdoor is indoor look. Accessorised with brass elements and natural linen it will almost definitely give you a nice Scandi look.

Do you have any top décor tips

Always use the rule of three! When styling a surface, like a sidebed, a coffeetable or a console, add these three things, something vertical, something horizontal and something sculptural to tie the two together. For example a painting or framed photo resting against the wall could be the vertical, a row of books for the horizontal and a vase with some green leaves to tie the other two together. Arrange the items one infront of the other to create depth then move one of them slightly away to allow for a breathing space.

Oh another tip is unless you are hanging a couple of artworks vertically to create a statement, always hang artwork at average eye level. You appreciate it better when you can see it closer.

Always splurge on…?

Accessories and fresh throw pillows… they makeover a space in no time!


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