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With a new season on the way it felt like our Master bedroom needed a good refresh so I decided to go with a trend I forecast will be big in 2017!

I feel the tribal influence is making a come back as we move toward a more nature embracing urban dwelling and detoxing from technology by going back to slow and low analog technologies, old crafts, imperfect forms and handcrafted elements.

The main elements were already there. A neutral linen upholstered bed from Crate & Barrel & a big area rug from Indigo living. All I added were the white linen from Indigo Living with accent cushions from Tribe Dubai that lighten the heaviness of our deep blue wall and the unique bedsides we had bought a while back.

I chose the limited edition horses print by Australian photographer Katie Mendi which we sourced from Tribe Dubai to be the focal point of the whole room. These two horses just give the room a lot of character too.

The room oozes with everything relaxing that engages the senses - from scented candles to luxurious cotton bedding & cushions. I've also created a little reading nook with a comfy pottery barn chair a throw, a cushion and a well placed side table for the reading books and coffee. The accessories further elevate the overall room feeling all sourced from Tribe Dubai.

No wall is left bare! it either holds a mirror, to bounce the light, or Art. One of them is my own - a silk screened limited edition piece I named 'streets'. Most importantly our bedroom has a clutter free policy - I am a bit of an OCD you know! everything is always put in place or collected in a tray.

Our bedroom is TV free so its an ultimately relaxing haven especially when the sun goes in through the curtains in the morning!


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