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An essential part of designing a state-of-the-art home is considering the living experience and the functionality of the space, then considering the aesthetics. Many interior designers tend to oversee this crucial aspect and tend to prioritize form over function.

This often becomes a challenge especially when it comes to home appliances. However, with that in mind, LG has designed the LG SIGNATURE Series, a work of cutting-edge technology and art that blends right in and has those same principles in mind.

Their LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, does exactly that! Not only is it timeless and durable with its slick minimalistic look but it is also sophisticated and luxurious in design providing you multiple functional and innovative features developed with the focus on the essence. This premium product is one you would want to show off and place in an open space, not hide in the back kitchen or laundry room!

Now let me tell you a bit more about the functionality of this beauty. The TWINWash™ has two load options, a Mini and front-load washer that can operate simultaneously or independently, so the user can even wash one load in hot and one load in cold water at the same time. I mean, you are now able to wash your delicates and your whites in one go, better still, no more unwashed sports clothes for one kid because you were washing the other kid’s uniform! Hello Two loads in one go and extra free time away from washing!

Users can also start or stop a cycle or open the door on either washer without interrupting the other. While the front load washer and dryer is equipped with a 12 kg washing capacity and a 7 kg drying capacity, the bottom Mini-washer features a 2 kg washing capacity enabling home makers to speed up their laundry sessions.

The beautiful minimalistic design is further enhanced by its touch enabled Quick Circle User Interface which is embedded on the glass of the glass door, and its control system will help you keeps track and display your usage patterns for frequently used cycles too.

Not only that, but you can fully control it from the SmartThinQTM app! This washing machine connects to your home wifi and is entirely digital! Which means you can start your drier or washing cycle even before you get home from work! Yes to smart living!

It also has no handles, so you can just push open its doors even with your elbow, say if you are carrying the clothes, and thanks to its Ergonomic Design, you no longer have to bend over as much to put clothes in and take them out!

It is worth mentioning that its compact size is definitely a plus so although it can hold 12Kg of washing, it fits in the standard space provided for all washing machines in general.

The LG SIGNATURE washing machine is equipped with Inverter Direct Drive motors, which use fewer moving parts and allow for highly efficient operation. This means ultimate stability so it will never move from its place and its also backed with a 10-year guarantee.

So if you are looking for your perfect addition to your designed smart home, the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is your go to choice, offering beauty, performance AND efficiency. I would highly recommend you check it out yourself by heading to any LG Electronics Brand Shops across the region.

If you are eager to find out more, please visit their awesome website


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