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As a designer, I try to make spaces feel as spacious and comfortable as possible. Especially when it’s a living room, where a family gets together and enjoys quality time with one another. In that I try to minimize the presence of technology especially the television which often obstructs the design, breaking the streamlined effect I often opt for.

Having said that, there is now a brilliant solution to the everlasting dilemma of whether or not to place a television in the space, hide it or even not place one at all!

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, also a designer’s dream, is literally less thick than ones smart phone. It is a true piece of art that one will want to showoff not hide. With its flush mount wallpaper design against the wall using special magnets, it almost appears to blend into any space. This also means that you can place it on any surface, from concrete, to brick, smooth or rough and even a surface that is slightly curved. You can also float it on glass - almost like a magical trick - with no wiring showing whatsoever.

Whats more is that it displays like a painting, especially when its in gallery mode, displaying famous places updated regularly from TripAdvisor, putting you in vacation mode without even leaving your house! This is thanks to its 4K dolby vision gives it an unparalleled image quality, enhanced image rendering, perfect blacks and breathtakingly accurate colour reproduction where details and textures are revealed in depth in such a way that the image almost pops out of the set.

Hello beautiful spaces that are enhanced with a revolutionized technology that allows you to experience your favorite entertainment at a cinema quality audio visual in the comfort of your own home. With this 4K Cinema HDR, a filmmaker’s vision is delivered in its truest representation so you can watch all digital content including Netflix in the optimum quality offered especially that it is

One can safely say the LG has created an unparalleled state-of-the-art living experience that does not compromise on innovation and usability and definitely compliments a designed lifestyle.

To learn more about the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV and LG SIGNATURE products, please visit:


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