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We all know that in living in this region of the world you are bound to suffer from allergies caused mainly by dust in the air. This is not only common among adults but with kids alike. With that concern in mind, LG has developed its LG SIGNATURE AIR PURIFIER, offering a top notch engineering solution that purifies the air by removing ultra-fine dust particles and creating an optimal humidity level whilst sterilizing it at the highest level as well.

The design is done in such way that even though dust particles are invisible to the naked-eye, the use can easily check the surrounding air quality by eyeing air purifiers smart indicator. This indicator changes color from green, good air quality, to yellow, moderate, orange - which means unhealthy and red for completely unhealthy air.

The air purifier also uses Ultra Violet light, where the water in its reservoir is sterilized before it is sprayed into the room to adjust the perfect humidity. What’s nice is that its sensors automatically shut off the humidification process and dry its filters to prevent any viruses or bacterias from developing.

Now I am one of those who strive for function then opt for form and design, and I must say that the LG SIGNATURE Air purifier ticks both boxes equally. Its streamlined barrel design represents the essence of beauty married to ultra performance - a mix of class and sophistication. Its elegant shape and size mean you can place it in any room without it affecting its aesthetic if not actually adding a touch of sophistication to it.

But that’s not all, this smart device can be checked and controlled wherever you are through the SmartThinQ app - which allows you to customize its mode from purity, silent, humid as well as its speed even before you are in the room - a truly innovative style of living.

This might actually be the end of endless sleepless nights of chronic coughing, sneezing, runny noses and itchy watery eyes. Having the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier in a space that collects the most dust can drastically reduce your allergy issues. By removing these allergens from the room, your body won’t keep trying to kick into defensive mode and cause these symptoms to flare up - basically you would become a healthier version of you and your family.

To learn more about the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier and LG SIGNATURE products, please visit:


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