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We Make Them,

They Make Us


UNSEEN DUBAI | Author Nisrine El Lababidi is an acclaimed interior designer and in this book, she invites readers into some of the most charming and striking homes in the city. 
Through oil barrels masquerading as coffee tables to Matisse-inspired feature walls, the book journeys into the lives of those who are calling this city home. Dubai has become a hub for creative dreamers and risk takers. Who they are and how they live is inevitably reflected in the house they live in and the homes they create for themselves. 
By exploring the homes of architects, film-makers, ballet dancers and journalists, Homes celebrates an extraordinary city, its vibrant residents, and the glorious satisfaction of a deliciously cosy armchair.
Order from The Dreamwork Collective , Amazon , Kinokuniya & Virgin Megastore
Published by The Dream Work Collective
Photography by Larissa Goncalves

' A charming, vibrant book that takes you into the heart and homes of Dubai and its people.'

 - Talib Choudhury

 Editor-In-Chief of Architectural Digest Middle East

' The power of Nisrine's book lies in its focus on purpose, personality, practicality and people, rather than on property and possessions'

 - Alison Tay

   Editor-In-Chief of Grazia Middle East 

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