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Harf Noon Design Studio offers customers services to suit any budget:



We offer affordable design services that meet your every need and budget including personal shopping, paint and color consulting, furniture sourcing, accessory selection, re-organisation & styling. Basically the whole space is redone from our side where you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

It is happiness guaranteed and here is why!



In consultations we discuss any issues or queries you might have from accessory selection to paint colour or furniture layout etc. This means we would visit you in your home and we can discuss what can be done with the items you already own in addition to what you can add to or edit out to make it a whole and improve the space. 

You may also use this service for onsite styling with items you already have or for personal shopping where we accompany you to buy items you may need. 

How soon can you start? Simply contact us here.


We’ll start the conversation by filling a questionnaire and discussing your needs!


Sending you an invoice for the job and kickstarting the transformation!!





Suitable for brands looking to create enticing displays of their products or events that connect with the brand essense & grasp the eye.

Just email us to cater for your specific needs.

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