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Harf Noon Design Studio offers customers multiple services to suit any budget:


An online service for clients who want a comfortable, functional, designer home/room without the additional cost of an in-home-consultant which makes it affordable and at the comfort of your personal space/time. Everything is done digital to your inbox within 2-3 week! With this you will get:


  • A profiling of you through your space

  • A visual representation of all recommendations

  • A room overview

  • A shopping list (with prices - if available) & stores

  • The room layout & one round of revisions if needed all to completely transform your space



All the E-styling plus personal shopping, paint and color consulting, furniture sourcing, accessory selection, re-organisation & styling. Basically the whole space is redone from our side where you don’t have to worry about anything.


Suitable for brands looking to create enticing displays of their products that connect with the brand essense & grasp the eye.

Just email us to cater for your specific needs.

How soon can you start? Simply contact us here.


We’ll start the conversation by filling a questionnaire and discussing your needs!


Sending you an invoice for the job and kickstarting the transformation!!




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