Kitchens are the hub of a modern home. Your ideal would be the perfect open plan kind that is flowing, allowing for great entertaining while facilitating connection with the rest of the spaces. Of course, the kitchen is also home to the appliances that will go into it namely the biggest among them, the refrigerator, which is why LG has introduced innovation and timeless design that fit perfectly to create luxurious living areas for those that cherish their kitchens. I mean who knew a refrigerator can fit so much and still look so good! The diffused reflection stainless steel body and scratch-resistant textured finish makes for an impeccable exterior design, enhancing its minimalist style to


Earlier this year, we were approached by a lovely couple who have just purchased a new property and were eager to do some renovations and completely furnish it from scratch. Leaving behind all their furniture and starting fresh. The brief was to use minimal color and keep the freshness of the space. Elegant yet easy to live in. And we wanted this consistency throughout the house. Unfortunately due to delays from the developer, there were endless delays. The kitchen took the longest to get in and install and we couldn't get the furniture in until demolition and renovation was done, otherwise everything is going to get in the way and will be dusty and dirty! Long story short, our clients final


Today, I’m sharing ways to style your bedroom. The truth is, I almost never style my bedroom the same way more than once. I simply love the art of styling too much to do so and will be showing you two different looks today – both of which will relax your senses after a long day. First, let’s talk about the basics of your bed making which consists of the following in white: A sheet set A coverlet A duvet A set of standard or king pillowcases Now it’s time to get creative! Look 1 Even though I love change, my preference is to keep things symmetrical. The coverlet goes on first. This one is the perfect width to meet the top of the bed frame, so I don’t tuck it in. The duvet is then folded into


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