Continuing with our Palm Jumeirah apartment, which you might have read about here,,, we now continue to the rest of the spaces, mainly the family room and the master bedroom. We opted to continue with the laid back yet elegant feeling we started in the living and dining spaces, but to be more dramatic since its a cosier inside space. With this, we went for and overall mystic ambiance, using Indigo living pieces - warm velvets, brass juxtaposing it with darker marble. The result was truly different and unique - yet flows naturally with the rest of the house. In the master bedroom we kept everything super light and fresh, a four poster acrylic and brass bed was anchored in the midst of the ro


When one is on the verge of renting or a buying a new property comes a major consideration - shall we go with an open plan kitchen or a closed one. Especially Coming from a Mediterranean family where the use of onions and garlic infused with multi spices cooking means that an open kitchen is a nightmare. Yes they do smell great when you are hungry and sitting at the dining table - but awful when wake up the next day and the smell is still lingering on your sofas, curtains or even worse - the bedroom sheets! And this is especially the case in smaller apartments. Fortunately, I have found a few tips and tricks that will help eliminate cooking smells as quick as possible: 1. Ventilate Do your b


Just before summer started we received a call hoping for us to take the project of assisting a young family make a home out of their Palm Jumeirah Apartment. Knowing we had just three weeks before we all flew off Dubai didn't really help, but nevertheless we took the project. And what a project it turned out to be. A place where you feel you are in Miami all year long! The apartment itself is beautifully designed with light flooding it from every corner, a designers dream! Our client had already bought the living room set and dining table & chairs, but that was it. The rest was a blank canvas for us to transform into an abode of understated casual elegance injected with Versace, a brand our


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