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Continuing with our Palm Jumeirah apartment, which you might have read about here,,, we now continue to the rest of the spaces, mainly the family room and the master bedroom.

We opted to continue with the laid back yet elegant feeling we started in the living and dining spaces, but to be more dramatic since its a cosier inside space. With this, we went for and overall mystic ambiance, using Indigo living pieces - warm velvets, brass juxtaposing it with darker marble. The result was truly different and unique - yet flows naturally with the rest of the house.

In the master bedroom we kept everything super light and fresh, a four poster acrylic and brass bed was anchored in the midst of the room. Across from it we placed a dresser with a matching mirror and accessorized it with some picture frames and a big flower arrangement. A custom made side table was added for those keys and phones and little objects one uses everyday.

In one corner of the bedroom, we added a chaise lounge that overlooks the ocean, and added a reading corner chair with a light for some quite time reading.

And in the other corner we created an office space using the same material of acrylic and brass and some rather opulent chairs for seating. A large painting finishes the space and accessories of greenery, an Armani vase, a trinket box and a magnifying glass were just the perfect additions.

TV Room Sofa set, tables, Art & Accessories // Indigo Living

Bed, Bed side tables, dresser & chair // Interiors

Console // TAM

Bubble Lamp // KARE

Lucite Desk// 2XL

Desk Chairs// Interiors

Chaise Lounge // Bloomingdales

Bedding // Zara Home

Accessories & Flowers // Zara Home, Versace Home, Marina Home, Indigo


Wall Art // Maisons Du Monde

Our client was super happy with the results and so were we - I mean we really don't mind taking over the space!

Some before pics in case you are wondering what the space looked like before!


Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.


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