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We absolutely love designing Majlises! And this one is a favorite among many! It looks royal with so many textures and materials yet its cozy with understated elegance!

No matter what the brief, as designers we need to be versatile and resourceful. Able to bring the dream to reality. And that's what we did.

With a beautiful palette of offwhites and silver blues, we dressed the space in metals and textures that speak elegance in many languages. We added those all-important personal touches and layers to the design, just like jewelry on an outfit. Accessories are an ideal opportunity for your Home Styling or even refreshing your home between seasons. For our Sharjah project, we used to identical coffee tables together due to the scale of the room. We usually recommend a large tray and/or an oversize coffee table books as a starting point to build from. We then introduce compositions of accessories creating key areas of interest which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful in everyday life, including decorative coasters, bowls, tissue boxes and candles. Additional pieces can include varying energy cleaning crystals such as smoky quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Selntine as well as decorative boxes and floristry.

Don't forget to scroll to the end for sources to get the look!


Sofas & Arm chairs - Interiors

Carpets - Carpet Centre

Table lamps - While Velvet, Casa Lusso

Art Work - Interiors, The One, Casa Lusso

Cushions - Knot Home

Coffee tables & Shelves - Crate & Barrel

Arm Chair - IKEA

Accessories - Indigo Living, Al Huzaifa

Side Tables - Home Centre

Dining Table - Ebarza

Dining Chairs - Casa Lusso

Side Board - Al Huzaifa furniture

Ceiling Lights - Casa Lusso


Interested in starting a project with us? Just drop us a line by clicking here.



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