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So if you have been following our work on social media, you would have accompanied us in our journey in bringing this Pent House Project in Down Town Dubai to life. In a way, we were lucky in that this was a return client. We had done their villa previously. We knew their taste, their likes and dislikes. But in a way, that made it more difficult in that we needed to work with the same palette of colours they had yet in a more fresh approach, especially that this was an apartment rather than a villa. The only request from the client was that they wanted it more beige and no grey!

Wish granted! and in Ten weeks! The trick, full trust of the client that we would take decisions on their behalf in the selection of 80% of the design decisions! With that, we managed to fully complete the project of four bedrooms along with all common spaces (minus the terrace which was sort of stuck with the developer approvals to our plans).

So without further a due, we present to you two of the four bedrooms of the Penthouse project. (two other bedroom & common spaces to follow!)

Grey Bedroom //

When we asked on social media which bedroom was a real winner, this one took many likes! and we don't blame you! It certainly is very different from many bedrooms we have delivered in the past, not only due to colour but because of the boldness and simplicity of the lines - that and the colour black in my opinion!

The bedroom size itself was rather on the smaller scale in comparison to other rooms in the apartment, so we created interest by adding visual interest with the upholstered panels and the textures throughout. The hanging cylindrical side lamps free the space on the bedside tables for better functionality and the choice of soft furnishing in a myriad of patterns in complementing tones add just the right amount of sophistication to the bedroom. It is cosy and warm, casual yet elegant without being over the top.

The accessories were an extra layer of texture using stone sculptures in similar shapes to the patterns while The photography chosen further adds that depth intended with all the beige and black tones! Just the perfect finish for the room!


Bed - Meroe Bed Boutique

Bedding - Nawara Linen

Standing Lamp & Cushions - Knot Home

Bench - The Bowery Company

Carpet - Carpet Centre

Photography - Récit Photography

Bedside Tables - Marina Home

Hanging Lamps - I Light You

Green Bedroom //

The second guest bedroom had a lot more colour - to a certain degree - more green-blue to be specific! We opted to paint the walls in a very shy shade of green (you almost cannot see it if we didn't tell you!) It added a nice warmth to the room especially with the upholstered oat coloured bed. We complimented it with the white table lamps on beige bedside tables and again the best linen out there!

We also used an armchair the clients had in their previous house (nothing goes unused with the Harf Noon Team) and the reading corner was completed with an occasional table and digital photography framed in contrasting black frames for variety.

The room was certainly the most chilled room in the entire house I have to admit - its like the perfect escape - especially that its the farthest from the open living spaces.


Bed - Bloomingdales Home

Bedding - Nawara Linen

Cushions - Interiors, Knot Home & Chattels & More

Arm Chair - Interiors

Bedside Tables - Indigo Living

Bedside Lamps - Home Centre

Throw - H&M Home

Occasional Table - The Bowery Company

Continue to the amazing Master Bedroom here.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed these as much we did!

Stay tuned for the rest of the penthouse imagery coming to the blog very soon!

Nisrine Photos courtesy of

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