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Edi Rama once said 'Compromise in Colors is Grey' and we love it!

We are over the moon with this particular project, you must have been following our snaps on 'HarfNoon' or was seeing all the instagram posts... this project is extra special as it's a friend's house! They had been considering moving houses, then decided to stay in their wonderful neighbourhood of the Arabian Ranches and completely makeover the house instead.

The space was dark and outdated with lots of beiges and browns and since the solid wood floors were rosewood in colour we wanted to flood the house with a lot more light giving the family of four (and three cats!) a fresh retreat where one can just chill and watch a football game after long hours of work and kids activities!

It all came together using my '5 Pieces Rule', the formula was as follows:

Something Textured/Patterned: The Chunky Tufted Wool Rug

Something Shiny: Lots of Silver Accessories

Something Organic: Lots of wood & Greenery!

Best of all, the new house with its scheme was fully approved and loved by the whole family (and cats!)

Don't forget to check the rest of the house entrance, Kitchen & Master bedroom!

The project got featured in InsideOut Magazine! Check it out here.

Are you thinking of a makeover too? chat to us here.

Happy Styling!

Harf Noon

Before - The Living & Dining Room

After - Let the lights shine in!






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