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Continuing on our Sharjah newlyweds project, we now move into the Master Bedroom. The clients wanted a super sophisticated yet unpretentious modern feel. Remember they were only going to stay in this house for two years before moving into their dream built home, so they didn't want to spend much on any wall cladding or extra elements they cannot take with them to the new house. Hence we chose quality furniture in slick finishes in 50 shades of grey!

We opted for a high headboard to further give the room a sense of height. Chose beautiful side lamps that amplify the modernity by simplifying the materials and going for sculptural shapes. We dressed the walls in a beautifully finished textured wallpaper and curtains. Offered them an armchair and a bench with a matching floor lamp and uber-luxurious bedding.

The result, a sophisticated bedroom bound to make going to work a struggle!

Scroll to the end for sources to get the look!


Bed, bench ,side tables & dresser - E-barza

Carpet - Harf Noon Collection @ Carpet Centre

Table lamps - Casa Lusso

Art Work - The One

Bedding - Duxiana

Bed Throw & Shams - Pottery Barn

Arm Chair - IKEA

Wallpaper - Skipton

Accent Table - Marina Home


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