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So with this project reveal, we did it differently. We showcased the guest bedrooms before revealing the rest of the penthouse apartment as we are keeping the best to last!

In case you had not seen the previous post, just click here, then continue with this one!

Master Bedroom//

For the Master Bedroom, we wanted to continue with the beige theme but gave it an elevated look with an Asian luxe effect to it. The tones were kept very subtle with just. hint of blue-green in some of the soft furnishings. To warm up the walls we used grasscloth wallpaper throughout and elevated the look with custom made wall panels with hidden lighting. The super king bed was also custom made to size and we chose an off-white fabric in the softest linen for it. As the room is quite big, we were able to add big bedside tables on both sides (and their design allows you to tuck away the cushions inside them when sleeping). We were able to create a small reading corner as well with a velvet off-white swivel chair, an occasional table and a reading lamp. The lantern ceiling lamps further enhanced the look along with the warmth added with the wall to wall carpet.


Bed - Meroe Bed Boutique

Bedding - Meroe Bed Boutique

Throw - Indigo Living

Throw cushions - Missoni Home & custom

Bedside tables - Mitchell Gold & Williams

Bedside table lamps - Meroe Bed Boutique

Foot Stools - Bernhardt

Carpet - Danube Home

Console - Indigo Living

Swivel Chair - Aati

Standing lamp - Knot Home

Occasional table - The Bowery company

Ceiling Lamp - Herman Miller via Amara Living

Bed Panels - custom made design by @paperpopdecor

Beige Bedroom //

The third guest room was also briefed to be only beige - but we managed to sneak in very subtle tones of aubergine and gold and load it with texture all over. Again we opted wallpaper throughout the room to add a layer of sophistication and warmth. This was further enhanced with the textured custom made bed.

The entire silhouettes in the room were kept minimal which makes it even more sophisticated in its monotones, from the custom made nightstands to the bedside lamps, ceiling hallow like lamp, the armchair and even the choice of photography. And the extra-large painting created an interesting focal point to an otherwise simple room.

The textured print in the curtains is reiterated in the marble occasional table and the flowers - all in all, it was exactly as our client had imagined it to be.


Bed - Meroe Bed Boutique

Bedding - Nawara Linen

Cushions - Crate & Barrel

Arm Chair - Meroe Bed Boutique

Bedside Tables - The Line Concept

Bedside Lamps - Meroe Bed Boutique

Throw - Marks & Spencer

Occasional Table - Marina Home

Carpet - Carpet Centre

Ceiling Lamp - I light You

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed these as much we did! And do check the rest of the house on the blog here, here & here.

Interested in starting a project with us? Just drop us a line by clicking here.



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