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It has indeed been a while since posting about our completed projects (There are so many spaces in the pipeline waiting to be shared!). 2021 has given us so much to be grateful for and on the top of that amazing clients!

Today I present to you a GoldenMile apartment that was reworked to fit our clients lifestyle. Not only were the walls repainted but the doors and trims were transformed into white too. We wanted it to be Light, bright and always cozy. For us, home has always been a beacon of comfort and our projects always follow suit. Honoring quality and lasting design, our style sensibility comes to life through modern heirlooms that fill our clients interiors. ⁠

In this apartment, texture, tone and a minimalist approach were key when it came to selecting all the finishes in order to maintain consistency and depth.⁠ From the entryway to the living/dining space and into the bedrooms - you feel the consistency throughout.

The anchor of the Living room was a custom designed tv unit with its grey wood veneer and floating details that really pulled the whole room together without overpowering it.⁠

We also mixed the metals in the entire home including the master bedroom with various materials from actual metal, to wall paper finished all to further enhance the textures and the layers in the space.

We carried through this simplicity in look and feel to the Master bedroom, with its grey and blue tones accented with the dark wood. We also added hidden storage for everything that needs to stay hidden and designed a custom office in what would have been a small cost space and made it fully equipped with everything necessary to fully function for WFH (Work From Home).

In the little girl's room, we maximized the storage to guarantee a place for the growing collection of trailer cars and flying jets (not to mention LOL dolls!)! We also gave her a space to curl up and read by the window (who wouldn't want that!) And it was all in the. girliest tones of pink and gold that can easily grow up with her or update when she's ready for that too!

Design by Harf Noon Design Studio

Photos by Anya Photography


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