I know a great store when I see one, even if its in cyber space! Craft & Company caught my eye via social media and it was their impeccable selection of products topped by their presentation of gift packaging that really wowed me! Their products are perfect for filling up an empty corner on your shelf, personalising a gift or simply sending a thank you with a heap of character! Now who wouldn't love this? especially that they offer worldwide product delivery! I interviewed Farah & Haya who are the masterminds behind this up & coming brand all the way from their headquarters in Kuwait. Farah & Haya, can you please introduce yourselves? Who are you and what do you do for a living? ​ We are Far


We are happy to announce that we will be giving away a HAY DLM table from the concept store ASHYAA. Here is how to WIN it! THIS COMPETITION HAS CLOSED WIN a HAY DLM table by following these simple rules: ♥ Step 1: Tag a friend on our COMPETITION INSTAGRAM picture ♥ Step 2: Both of you must follow: @HARFNOONDESIGNSTUDIO AND @ASHYAAUAE ♥ Step 3: Click SHARE the post below on Facebook for your name to enter the draw After these three steps are done, your name will automatically appear on our list! Competition ends on the 30th of September! Follow HARF NOON DESIGN STUDIO on snapchat [HARF NOON] to higher your chances of winning and to keep up to date with the competition! Good luck to all! Ha


Having been in the UAE for a long long time, there is nothing more I love than seeing new concept design stores open. One particular shop I have come across recently was Ashyaa meaning 'Things' which is situated in the Souq Alshanasiyah - Heart of Sharjah. Founded by Noura Al Shamsi, the concept store displays a collection of different items from Homeware, to fine jewlery, leather goods, kids books and cosmetics; all of which are exclusive in the region, of great design & quality and/or are handmade. 'I've always enjoyed owning different, quirky items!' she says. Through her travels to Europe and South Africa she always took pleasure finding those quirky items in standalone boutiques rather


STEEL MY STYLE! Was recently interviewed by Betterhomes Magazine on my style for various tips and favourite decor tips! Describe your design style I would say it’s contemporary meets Modern Glam. Although I love a good vintage or flee market find these are not easily accessible here in the UAE, so my home is a clean mix of neutral masculine color palettes finished with plenty of bling from chrome and brass, to statement mirrors, luxe fabrics and velvet ornate furniture. Favourite places to shop for furniture in the UAE, and why? My favourites are Bloomingdales, Nakkash Gallery, The One Fusion, Indigo Living, Marina Homes & Crate & Barrel – they all have a variety of styles at different price


Working on makeover projects means partnering up with trusted service suppliers who would deliver on time and in the quality you need to make the project shine. I was particularly happy to know of the new Swiffix app which allows you to book such a service instantly and with a very reasonable fixed rate. I chat with John the CEO of Swiffix on how he came up with this great App service.. John, can you please introduce yourself? I am a husband, father and entrepreneur who enjoys working in ancient industries to improve the status quote with a simple idea to both sides of any industries, through building unique things. Who are you and what do you do for a living? tell us about your business/App


There is nothing I love more than a quick room makeover that you can do in a couple of hours! So when my youngest client asked if she can makeover her room into something a tiny bit more grown up I jumped right at it. So here's what I did. We picked up new bedcovers in a lovely blush pink and some throw pillows to compliment it. We also did a few wall art in black and gold (you can check the DIY here). We got the Hay bedside table from Ashyaa and styled it with some greens, and some brass accessories we had picked up from Copenhagen. My daughter also made a dream catcher from TYPO. Some sheep skin a grey bench, a throw and voila! A room that made my growing little one happy!


THE PROJECT CANVAS + PAINT + IMAGINATION = INSTANT ART CANVAS Why not try your hands at a quick DIY to give any wall a quick makeover! WHAT YOU’LL NEED • Round decal stickers (got ours from here) • Canvas of various sizes • Black acrylic paint + Gold Paint + 2 brushes of various size • Umbra hexa wooden panels • IMAGINATION HOW TO: 1. Paint the base of the 3 of the canvas in black acrylic (it dries fairly quickly) 2. Stick the decals in no particular order (this is your Art no.1) 3. Paint and X & O in gold on the second canvas (Art no.2) 4. Paint crisscross lines in black on your white canvas (Art no.3) 5. Stick the hexagonal wooden panels on your fourth canvas for some 3D art (Art no.4) 6.


During a visit to London, we met up with a close friend who talked me into starting a collection. He said it can be anything as long as it puts a smile on your face. That reminded me of a past project where I advised my client to display his collection of mini cars by hanging them vertically on a wall … I've rounded up a couple of other collections from the net, From Dice to contractors! Some more expensive than others to collect, but each tells a story....the typewriters are my favourite! There are more here on my pinterest board. So what did I end up collecting? Vintage malachite look alike artdeco trinket boxes made in the 40's. I often score these from vintage shops and flee markets wh


Super excited Harf Noon Design Studio got a second feature this month in the September issue of Emirates Home Magazine! In the interview, I discuss how to get that boutique hotel bedroom look. You can check the entire article below to recreate your own hotel-inspired bedroom. In a Hotel inspired bedroom make sure you keep all the senses engaged, from what you see to what you smell and what you touch and hear, below are some of my tips. What are your top five tips for creating a hotel-inspired bedroom? 1- Bedding - My philosophy has always been, spend the most you can afford on the things that come into contact with your body. Creating a beautiful and comfortable bed is just a matter of a few


Our Emaar Loft home got an amazing feature in Aquarius Magazine September Issue! You can view the whole project makeover with the before and after pictures by clicking here.


One of our favourite part of any transformation is looking at the "before" & "after" pics! Many of our clients say their space is barely recognisable! So I decided to share with you some of our favourites! Do any of these look familiar? If so, fear not, You too could be just a few steps from a fabulous "after" makeover like our clients below. MODERN AIRY LIVING ROOM BEFORE AFTER EXUBERANT LUXURY & DINING AFTER ELEGANT GLAM LIVING BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER TRANSITIONAL LIVING ROOM BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BRIGHT SCANDINAVIAN LIVING BEFORE AFTER ECLECTIC LIVING BEFORE AFTER MODERN - ECLECTIC LIVINGROOM AFTER MODERN ECELECTIC BREAKFAST AREA BEFORE AFTER


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