Where do you start?! Where do you go?! Yes, those are the questions on most people’s lips when it comes to finding that perfect yet distinctive piece of furniture or a uniquely quirky piece of art.  Dubai is a ginormous hub of retail design and architecture.  After speaking to a few experts in the field, I wanted to find out what are the most popular places people like to shop at, for personal use or for business.  After a bit more research I decided on the following retail and online stores as being the most popular amongst us ‘creatives’ in the industry.  Be it budget or high-end, you are sure to find something magnificent in this Top 10 list!  Let’s have a look shall we? Pottery Barn An o


Founded in 1990, this Greek brand focusses on cozy living and dining collections that will be exclusively sold at Chattels & More across the UAE. Papadatos’ exquisite collection of sofas, swivel armchairs with marble legs and marble-infused dining and coffee tables offer a balance of simplicity and an unmatched level of comfort. A number of elements make its sofa collection appealing; select items are produced with ‘fluffy goose feather’ seats for unbeatable coziness, while stylised ‘diamond’ or ‘contrast stitching’ decorates the sofa edges. The refreshing design is conceptualized by professional artists and architects. Adrian Shaw, General Manager of Chattels & More, believes that the addit


So continuing with our transformation of the Alma House occupied by a lovely Moroccan family of four and their dog, (if you haven't checked the downstairs transformation click here) we now move upstairs where we did all the bedrooms. Before - Master Bedroom Starting with the Master bedroom where again all the furniture was given away, we started with a blank slate with only an open cabinet. I Decided to change the overall layout by centring the bed so it sits between the two windows and moving the cabinets in front of the bed which made the room much more balanced. In terms of colour scheme I wanted to keep it coherent with the rest of the house colours, so we went for a lush dark grey velve


I know you guys have been awaiting this makeover reveal for sometime now. Well here it is.... our fastest project ever! Our client was traveling for 11 days to Bali over the summer and they want to come back to a new home without changing it physically! A challenge indeed and we willingly took it! Crazy right! if you were to think about all the current furniture removal, all the paint, ordering, delivery and installation then cleaning you suddenly realize that it was insane to work on a full four bedroom house with two living rooms and bathrooms, entrance and corridors in such a timeline. But we did it and the results were beyond amazing. The family of four came back at 5 AM in the morning t


The one thing that is alive that makes a space spring to life is a plant (ok besides other humans!). It is my favourite gift to someone who has just moved in into a new house. A favorite because it continues to grow and thrive long after it has been gifted - unlike flowers or other gifts! Plants help purify the air in your home while adding a cozy, vibrant element to your interior. We caught up with our newest indoor plants supplier and asked the experts there to give us an insight into their favorite indoor plants to use. Here are their Top 5: 1. Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant have a decorative appeal with its large glossy leaves, effective for purifying indoor air. They prefer in


There is always something enchanting about adding life to a space. We often do it with greenery through plants and flowers. But how about life through animals and birds? Adding birds livens up with its colours and shapes and gives a feeling of whimsy. I have rounded up our favourite selections that can be used around any space, be it your living room, dining or bedroom! Would you add it to your space? 1. POTTERY BARN// Sculptural Bronze Birds 2. IKEA // TRILLING POSTER SET 3. MR. PERSWALL // BIRDS NEST 4. MAISON DU MONDE // STATUETTE OISEAU 5. THE NOOK // SCULPTURE CRANE ORIGAMI 6. TRIBE // PARROT TILE 7. H&M HOME // PRINTED BIRD COVER 8. INDIGO LIVING // SILVER BIRD TRIPTYCH SaveSaveSaveSa


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