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The one thing that is alive that makes a space spring to life is a plant (ok besides other humans!). It is my favourite gift to someone who has just moved in into a new house. A favorite because it continues to grow and thrive long after it has been gifted - unlike flowers or other gifts! Plants help purify the air in your home while adding a cozy, vibrant element to your interior.

We caught up with our newest indoor plants supplier and asked the experts there to give us an insight into their favorite indoor plants to use. Here are their Top 5:

1. Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant have a decorative appeal with its large glossy leaves, effective for purifying indoor air. They prefer indirect light to low light and theyneed to be kept moist.

Image @pinterest

2. Sansevieria Trifasciata, also known as snake plant, or mother-in-law's tongue, with its yellow green strap-like leaves it gives a unique look for home decor and can be a perfect choice for a bathroom. Snake plant is on NASA list of the house plants that can clean and filter indoor air. Caring is so easy for this type of plants it can tolerate low water and prefer indirect light. Another type of sansevieria species is the Sansevieria Clyindrica, also known as African Spear.



3. Howea Forsteriana, known as Kentia Palm, with its elegant arching leaves provide tropical home decor. It tolerates medium to low light and low humidity conditions, only water it when the soil is dry.

Image @pinterest

4. Another plant which can provide a tropical touch is the Strelitiza Nicolai, known as Bird of Paradise, with its large banana-like leaves. Requires very bright light and can be placed in direct sun and the soil should be moist but not very wet and soft.

Image @pinterest

5. We wanted to keep our favorite for the end, which is Fiddle-Leaf Fig, it brings happiness to the house especially with its large leaves. The Fiddle-Leaf Fig grows several feet tall and prefers bright, indirect light. Make sure to get the soil drying out between watering and don't place under the direct drift of the AC.


It is worthy to note that plants Fertilizers have similar characteristics to the vitamins people take, most house plants should be fertilized once every 1-3 months, when they are actively growing, between March and September.

To prevent yellow leaves you can use liquid Iron tonic monthly, you can find it in any plant shop (use it as instructed on the bottle). But be sure not to water your plant on the same day you add the iron tonic.

Wipe off the leaves of your houseplant with a damp cloth to keep it clean from dust. Always remember too much watering will cause yellow leaves, so let the soil dry slightly before watering again.

If you are looking to decorate a bathroom with low light and humidity, you can keep those two in mind:

1. The Snake plant Dracaena Massangeana prefers light shades and humidity so it will be perfect for bathroom decoration.

Image @pinterest

2. ZZ plant with its beautiful oval shaped leaves brings a fresh look to the bathroom.


You can now order these and many more from by clicking here:

Feeling inspired? Want to add houseplants to your home decor but don't know which ones or how to incorporate them into your home design? Well, pop over to our hello page to ask us for help or start a design project today!

Happy Decorating!


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