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For those of you that follow our stories, you would have seen the design development and installation of this fun, chic eclectic home that we designed for a growing family in Dubai. A villa designed with entertainment in mind, a feel-good space designated for wellness, memories, and escapism. A warm palette with a layering of colors, silks, textures and wood. We are so thankful to our fantastic clients who gave us the opportunity to create fun and unique interiors and have the most wonderful experience along the way.

The brief was to create a homey feeling and use wood wherever possible yet keep it sophisticated and contemporary looking (can you tell that the couple both had different styles?!) Well we successfully managed to blend both seamlessly and give them both a space to enjoy.

With a beautiful palette of neutrals and blues, we dressed the space in toned down metals and textures that speak elegance in many languages. We added those all-important personal touches and layers to the design, just like jewelry on an outfit. Accessories are an ideal opportunity for your Home Styling or even refreshing your home between seasons.

The look is seamless from the minute you enter the house till you reach the guest room. We incorporated a lot of greenery, brushed brass accents and scented candles and oils.

We also made sure to hide the ugly DB boards that were an eyesore that you could see all the way from the entryway! To achieve this, we applied wooden slats wall cladding and a vintage mirror that wrapped around the corner and continued on the wall allowing the TV to float.

We created a second accent wall using photography taken by our client on their many travels and had those professionally framed for that finished effect.

On the coffee tables we introduced compositions of accessories creating key areas of interest which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful in everyday life, including decorative coasters, books, tissue boxes and candles.

We even created ample storage for them under the stairs with pullout cabinets making it easy for the kids to access and to hide shoes!

In the guest room, we amped the warmth by dressing the walls with linen wallpaper in blue and added artwork that emphasized the size of the room. The accents of yellow cushions and a throw with the blues and moments of green elevated it and added the warmth needed for a guest to relax.

Don't forget to scroll to the end for sources to get the look!


Sofas & entryway table - West Elm

Arm Chairs & accent table - Crate & Barrel

Wooden Console - Arts & Crafts

Carpets - Carpet Centre & Al Salem Carpets

Table lamps - Marina Home, Casa Lusso

Art Work - Urbanest, The One, HomesRus

Cushions - Knot Home, West Elm, Meroe

Coffee tables - 2XL, Casa Lusso

Side Tables - Marina Home, Ebarza

Accessories - Marina Home, Al Huzaifa, bloomr, Bloomingdales, HomesRus, crate & barrel

Books - Virgin Megastore

Blue Poufs - Home Centre

Ceiling Lights - White Velvet

Faux trees - Bloomr

Tree pots - West Elm

Bedroom Mirrors - Zara Home

Bed - West Elm

Bed Side Tables - Crate & Barrel

Bedding - Meroe

Wall Paint - Jotun Space

Photo Credits Shahana Mehta


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