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With our latest Majis installation in Sharjah (click here if you haven't seen it) our client was so thrilled to get her house in order especially after the Corona situation lockdown that she wanted us to immediately tackle her kids' rooms (and just in time before schools reopen end of summer.)

As usual, a clear brief makes it easy to quickly tackle the space with the exact design solutions needed. We interviewed the three boys and proposed two different directions to which they chose the one that had a theme that could grow with them over the years without being too much in your face. You will definitely guess the theme by the end of this blog post!

The family already had part of the furniture that were serving two boys, and now we had to make room for the little one joining his older brothers. We went with a palette of green, navy, white and brown with black and brass accents to give it a timeless look.

We changed the room layout to allow for the third bed and applied bespoke subtle wallpaper and a lush green strip across the room for that nice timeless finish. The reading corner was decked with a leather chair and a play of mirrors allowed the boys to dress effortlessly.

With the selection fo the right bedding, bespoke pillows and special artwork, the boys had their room makeover done in no time!

What do you think? Can you guess the theme? Let us know below.



Table Lamps, baskets & Carpet - Home Centre

Chair - Ebarza

Beds, Ceiling lamps & bedding - Pottery Barn Kids

Mirrors - West Elm

Stools - Ikea

Artwork & Cushions - Bespoke

Wallpaper - Paperpop Decor

Paint - Jotun Paints Arabia 4550-g10y

Interested in starting a project with us? Just drop us a line by clicking here.


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