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Life in the Ranches is sweet for Leanne Moss and her husband. With their two year old little girl, the young couple have built themselves a made-to-measure dream. A life-changing thing for the owner of White Moss, who wanted to bring about a radical change in lifestyle with this project. Leanne undertook this quest for the ethical and for simplicity in her brand and applied it to her entire home.. A very personal, self-sufficient creation.

Whether you’re talking about its geometric lines, the volume of its rooms or its big windows – everything in this abode is designed to induce serenity.

Her home also houses a lot of wood and some of the White Moss decor collection of hand crafted genuine products using beautiful natural materials, in a neutral color palette that are in harmony with her entire interior.

Here, detail is king. Enhanced by the extraordinary light from every corner, Leanne's work is simply stunning.

Leanne, how would you describe yourself? Who do you share your house with?

I am a working mum from England, now living as an expat in Dubai. I live with my husband and almost 2 year old daughter.

Where do you live and Why did you choose this neighborhood? I live in Mirador, Arabian Ranches. I chose this neighborhood as I just love the Colonial vibe with the wide tree lined streets and the fact that each house is different to its neighbor and all houses are a mix of colors in earthy muted tones. The neighborhood is just perfect for a family with lovely community parks and pools and very green with lots of trees and flowers around.

How long have you lived in this house? We received the keys in July and after a 9 week full scale renovation we moved into the house last September so we have lived here just 6 months.

What did you start your decoration with? White walls and a light wooden flooring throughout the house and from there we had the best blank canvas on which to create. Once the walls and floors were done, then I started with lighting from our White Moss collection. All the lighting in every room is rattan to keep the space light and airy, and all lighting is in either natural or black. From these starting elements I then started to build in the unique elements to each room focusing on natural materials in a neutral color pallet.

Can you describe your style in three words?

Simple. Clean. Peaceful

Do colours play an important role for you? I am not a big fan of colours in my home. I love lots of white, black and neutral and earthy tones as I always feel so calm coming home to a neutral space where I don’t feel like I have lots of colour competing for my attention

What inspires you, in terms of decorating? Do you have a favourite era or a favourite designer?

I love the Scandi Boho vibe, but I’m also enjoying the Mid Century revival at the moment. I love following designers like Paulina Arklin and stylists like Villa Styling. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and also from spending way too many hours viewing AirbnB Plus homes! I follow a lot of designers in Sweden, Australia and the US and tend to blend a mix of their styles to create one of my own.

Is there a connection between your interior and your personal style?

Definitely, I also tend to dress in simple clothes, favoring natural materials in a neutral or earthy palette.

If you had to reveal your favourite websites for finding ideas, which would they be? Aside from the usual, Pinterest and Instagram I’m an avid believer in trailing AirbnB Plus for inspiration.

For beautiful kids ideas I love Winter Daisy Kids

I love the style of

I love following here in Dubai for inspiration

What’s your favourite part of your interior? Which room are you most proud of?

I love so many parts of our home, it’s super hard to pick just one!

I guess the stairs are something I am very proud of. We ripped out our dark wood and marble staircase and I created white concrete stairs, with a statement monochrome tile landing and black hand rails. Then I had a huge challenge to make these baby friendly and also beautiful, so I designed two ‘baby gates’ one sliding at the top of the stairs and the other as a soft close door at the bottom of the stairs, both made in white tongue and groove MDF which blends in with the rest of the house.

Under the stairs I put in some very useful storage and push close doors. I have recently converted the larger area into a play den for my daughter which she LOVES and kept the slide out show rack.

I also love our master bedroom as I designed everything from the tongue and grove bi-fold doors to match the wardrobes, to the dressers, the bed, the hanging chair where I can relax and swing away in the evening with a book.

Could you recommend some shops to us, either in Dubai or somewhere else?

White Moss

​West Elm for sofas

Love Warriors for Art Prints

We are scouting for houses to feature on our blog, so if you have a styled home with clever ideas that are breaking the rules, I"D LOVE TO TAKE A PEEK. ⠀

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