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Just before summer started we received a call hoping for us to take the project of assisting a young family make a home out of their Palm Jumeirah Apartment. Knowing we had just three weeks before we all flew off Dubai didn't really help, but nevertheless we took the project. And what a project it turned out to be. A place where you feel you are in Miami all year long!

The apartment itself is beautifully designed with light flooding it from every corner, a designers dream! Our client had already bought the living room set and dining table & chairs, but that was it. The rest was a blank canvas for us to transform into an abode of understated casual elegance injected with Versace, a brand our client expressed a love for. Knowing that, we opted for a light palette of off-whites contrasted with aqua blue, from the sea beyond, and accents of gold. We used double coffee tables as the space allowed for that and double benches to closeout the seating area. We also managed to add a tea set of small rotating chairs and a table in the corner, allowing one to sip early morning coffee while perusing over the Arabian Gulf.

In order to contain the space, we added a lovely Carpet Centre and accessorized with Versace vases, candle holders and cushions but added a few other quirky items too to add character and charm to the space. And lets not forget lighting. A lineup of round scandi lights with edison bulbs, break up a view of the cabinetry and speaks to the golden stools under (which had not arrived yet when we did the shoot). A of lighting is not only visually appealing, its functional. Forgo harsh overheads if you can for softer table and floor lamps like we did here. These illuminate unexpected spots and allow for various moods. we positioned one in the main seating area, and another ceiling lamp on top of the dining table, and both bring a sense of balance and order by giving the eye something to focus on. Just keep in mind that the styles don't have to be the same, but scale and colors should be consistent for maximum impact.

To finish off this space, we added loads of greenery (a mix of real and faux believe it or not), flowers and most importantly art. Large pieces command attention, anchor a room, and make an impact that a bunch of small art just can't. And the sheer scale gives a sense of wise intention.

Living Room Couches // Indigo Living

Coffee Tables // Marina Home

Table lamps// Indigo Living

Dining Table// Interiors

Dining Chairs// The One

Carpet// Carpet Centre

Accessories, Cushions & throw // Amara Living, Zara Living & Marina Home

Bar Pendants// The Bowery Company

Dining Ceiling Lamp// Ilightyou

Living Space Ceiling Lamps// 2XL

Continue with the rest of the apartment tour here...

Oh... but we could not forget the BEFORE pictures so here you go...



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