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When one is on the verge of renting or a buying a new property comes a major consideration - shall we go with an open plan kitchen or a closed one. Especially Coming from a Mediterranean family where the use of onions and garlic infused with multi spices cooking means that an open kitchen is a nightmare. Yes they do smell great when you are hungry and sitting at the dining table - but awful when wake up the next day and the smell is still lingering on your sofas, curtains or even worse - the bedroom sheets! And this is especially the case in smaller apartments.

Fortunately, I have found a few tips and tricks that will help eliminate cooking smells as quick as possible:

1. Ventilate

Do your best to get those odors outside by ventilating however you can. Open those windows, switch on your stove vent, and switch on your AC.

But for an ultimate eradication of the odors, you can use the powerful LG SIGNATURE AIR PURIFIER to remove ultra-fine odors & dust particles creating while creating an optimal humidity and sterilizing the air to its highest level. The indicator light will change color from orange to yellow then green to communicate once a good air quality is reached. A plus is that It is also very quite and beautifully designed to fit any space.

The design is done in such way that even though dust particles are invisible to the naked-eye, the use can easily check the surrounding air quality by eyeing air purifiers smart indicator. This indicator changes color from green, good air quality, to yellow, moderate, orange - which means unhealthy and red for completely unhealthy air. The air purifier also uses Ultra Violet light, where the water in its reservoir is sterilized before it is sprayed into the room to adjust the perfect humidity. What’s nice is that its sensors automatically shut off the humidification process and dry its filters to prevent any viruses or bacteria from developing.

That’s not all, this smart device can be checked and controlled wherever you are through the SmartThinQ app - which allows you to customize its mode from purity, silent, humid as well as its speed even before you are in the room - a truly innovative style of living.

2. Close Bedroom & Closet Doors while cooking

Fabric quickly absorbs grease and odors- this is why your clothes smell when you go to a restaurant too. Ensure you won’t have to sleep in a lasagna smelling bedroom by closing your bedroom and closet doors while cooking.

3. Clean Up Immediately

Having everything spattered and pans cleaned as soon as possible, ensures any lingering odors have been eliminated and replaced by the freshness of detergent soap.

4. Use pleasant smelling spices like cinnamon sticks, citrus peels, rosemary, mint and cloves

They are natural air freshness and by simmering them in some water on the stove - they will at least mask cooking odors.

5. Leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds on the counter overnight.

Not only do they absorb stubborn odors but they will naturally dissipate cooking smells by the morning.

We hope these tips come in useful and do share with us any other tried and tested tips you have to eliminate those pesky cooking orders.

To learn more about the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier and LG SIGNATURE products, please visit:


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