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I met Areeb, the caketress behind @AreebGC, a few weeks back when they decided they are moving houses into a loft with basically no furniture! The challenge? It needed to be completed within two weeks! A Blank Slate is what any designer can wish for of course, however a whole house within two weeks was close to impossible! A challenge we accepted to take on!

Areeb shared our taste for interiors with an eclectic, whimsical style and passion for market finds with an islamic taste. The fun began right away. Areeb & Faisal answered a bunch of questions on their house decor, goals for the whole design, color preferences, budget, favourite retailers and inspiration.

Game On! We created two different design concept boards, then worked closely with the family to create a final design plan.

And here’s the big reveal. In their words: We are beyond happy with the colours and all the texture popping! The light bouncing off the metals accessories - a space of peace!“

The midcentury furniture that added a touch of vintage and subtle texture were a mix from Indigo Living, West Elm & The One while the wonderful eight seater dining room was sourced from Al Huthaifa furniture.

The canvas that hung over the couch were a collaboration with the designer Racha Al Abbas were the pieces accentuated the space vertically and drove the eye upwards.

Finally the amazing grape like chandeliers - which proved worth their price - were like the cherry on the top!

The curtains were kept simple in light white linen and hung an entire 6 meters from the ceiling! And of course what tied all the pieces together was that wonderful wall shade - ‘Retro Blue’ from Jotun’s Fenomastic collection.

When we were done, that wall on top of the side cabinet begged for a piece of art so we turned to a quick DIY and hung a backgammon board and a matching enlaced tray that the couple owned… together they made the perfect art to compliment the space.

As for the bedroom, the pieces were scouted from Indigo Living and accented with accessories from various shops across Dubai.

Best of all we were with them as they moved in, with them when the contractors painted the walls and installed the amazing hanging chandeliers - and at every step of the install.

The end result - A house as they imagined that would feel like home! It was even featured in Aquarius Magazine!. Check out the feature here.

Ready for your own house transformation? Begin by contacting us here.



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