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I've have been procrastinating about updating the entrance look in our house for the past year! And finally got around to it!

Although we had a tiny entrance, our mirror console had a lot of potential especially that it reflects so much light... and that was exactly the feature I wanted to play with and highlight.

By simply layering a few items like a stack of books, a couple of candles, fresh orchids and glass vases that were filled with lemons (fake ones of course!) The whole look was updated in an instant!

The Jars can be filled with myriad of items from dates, chocolates and cinnamon sticks in Ramadan to sand and shells, or even collectible matchsticks!

Add your favourite flowers and swap the books for magazines and you get yet another easy update!

Try it out and email us the results on

Happy Styling!

Harf Noon

Before - The entrance

After - Fresh & Light




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