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I wanted to mix things up a bit with a few things you might not know about me! I'm not sure how long you have been following and reading Harf Noon Design Studio whether on the blog or on social media (instagram & Facebook), but back when instagram and pinterest did not exist, my blog used to run on tumblr until launching my website in 2015. So without further ado, here are ten random facts about me:

1. I'm borderline OCD. Ask my clients, but I cannot leave their space before setting everything straight and fluffing their throw pillows. I cannot see any clutter either! everything needs to be in its place!

2. If you read my about page, you would know that I started off my career with a degree in Graphic Design and a masters in Quality Management, worked for 13 years as a Creative Director working on all sorts of Motion Graphics projects in a major television channel. Then moved into Corporate Marketing before taking the plunge and starting Harf Noon Design Studio.

3. I have three sisters, A big shot Medical Training Manager & Pharmacist, A Mechanical Engineer & a Marketing Manager! I'm the eldest!!

4. I absolutely love travel and have set foot in four of them, hoping to visit the rest very soon! This year I travelled to Cairo, Milan & Paris. Th next destinations are Venice, Ravenna, Olympia, Athens, Kotor & Split, so expect alot of beautiful images on my Instagram account.

5. I have been drinking Camel milk for the past three years after being introduced to it by Ola from Spill the Bean Cafe. Its much lighter on the intestines.. you should give a try!

6. My favourite pastime is to go through an interiors book or magazine while listening to Jazz.

7. I'm married to a tv & film director/instagram husband and have two wonderful children who love to get involved in my projects! They were my first clients! #blessed

8. I love watching all investigation series and have watched each season of CSI at least twice!

9. I walk barefoot at home, granted the floors are dust free as I cannot even bare the idea of walking on dirt!

10. I'm a Lebanese from Beirut but was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, so the UAE is literally my home!



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