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Traditional interiors get a bad rap. With their white coastal vibes and wooden finishes and they don't lack for elegance. Yet those arguabley desirable qualities are often the same characteristics that also lead people to think of such spaces as warm and inviting. That was decidedly the case in this young family's Dubai Palm Apartment - a property that balances style and warmth worthy of a lovely family.

The brief was to use the existing furnishing, living area, dining and media room but add a few elements that would liven up the house and tie it all together. With that in mind and a minimal budget, we were able to put a design scheme and furniture layout that appealed to the couple and was easy enough for them to put into action. With a warmer color tone for the walls using Jotun's Complexion 10579 and 471 we were able to give that fresh feeling to the whole house.

We added a lot of greenery and wicker baskets, wooden stools, and various distressed pottery to finish the look. Plus their coffee table got a a bit of DIY work to it to make it less IKEA like and more Flamant!

Can't wait to see how it will all turn out!



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