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While picking my daughters room curtains I faced the issue of having a window that I didn’t wanted to put curtains on - however the readymade ones I had picked didn’t have matching blinds to go with them… luckily I came across a tutorial for transforming the wooden blinds I had laying in my store for years into new blinds - I knew that I would finally be using these and my daughters room transformation would now be complete. WHAT YOU WILL NEED:

Cheap metallic or wooden blinds - I used IKEA ones we had in our old house and stored for the longest time... Fabric you love ~ mine were Pottery Barn curtains to match Scissors Fabri-tac glue HOW TO:

1. Measure your window. Add 1-2” to each side. So, if your window is 40×50 then you need your fabric to be at least 42-44”x52-54”. You also need to decide how many folds you want your shade to have. This will determine how many slats you will keep. I spaced mine about 11 1/2 inches apart, which gave me 5 slats and then the bottom piece. (I promise this will make more sense as you read on). 2. Release your blind so that it’s lowered all the way & take them down and sprawl them on your floor. 3. Cut away the thin, ladder-like strings. Don’t cut that thick one!!! That is the cord that raises and lowers the blinds – you will need that! 4. Use a small screwdriver and pop off the plug on the bottom piece of the blinds. Inside you’ll see the end of that thick, pull-up cord tied in a knot. I just cut the knot off (You will retie this at the end) and slide off the base piece. 5. Slide off all the slats, except for the ones you need for your folds (5 for me). 6. Onto the fabric! I cut out my curtain fabric 1 1/2” larger on all sizes. Then placed it print side facedown and the blackout liner on top. Use your Fabri-tac glue to glue the edges of the fabric onto the wooden blinds. 7. Place the remainder of the blind on top of the glued fabric, placing the top at the top of the fabric. Glue the blind top onto making sure you do not glue the pull-up cord of the blinds. 8. Measure out where your slats will be on your fabric and glue the concaved side of the slat (the side with the most surface area) onto the shade. Make sure you DO NOT get any glue on the pull-up cord. 9. Now take the end of the pull-up cord and reinsert it in hole on the base of the shade. Re-tie a knot at the end of the string and put the plug back in. Glue down the base of the shade at the bottom of the fabric. 10. Hang your GORGEOUS blinds!



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