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Another Harf Noon Design Studio E-design home for the win! This lovely family lives with their two kids, in a cozy Festival city temporary apartment awaiting the finalising of their Family villa.

We pulled off the objects and ideas from their well travelled histories and partly used their existing furniture plus smart, simple storage solutions to ensure a consistently practical and attractive home design. A muted colour palette gives the whole home an airy feeling but warm textures, hints of colour and greenery keep it from feeling sterile. A mix of midcentury and modern furnishings.

It was important to establish warmth as soon as you entered the house you are immediately welcomed by by family photos, a sea grass rug from Pottery Barn, and Jotun Spring Air 8087.

The actual entrance was treated in a muted green, an Indigo Living wooden console with plenty of rattan woven baskets to hold the kids toys and necessities on the way out. The Oval mirror bounced off plenty of light and so did the chosen steel accessories.

Moving into the Living room, the warmth was continues with Sea Grass Wingback Armchairs from Pottery Barn, Their now Mocha colour upholstered 3 seater Sofa and Large Book cases from Inidgo living all completed with Artwork, accessories and throw pillows that accentuated the space.

Finally the Dining room was treated in a continuation of the entrances’ muted Green colour in a Matt finish plus Jotun’s Complexion paint, and their dining table was replaced by an oval glass and brushed brass table with six brown velvet chais and a Mirror.

Bright, comfortable and decorate with the things they need and love, this home became one of our favourite projects. We can’t wait to see them bring all these boards to life in the coming weeks.

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