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Going through my instagram feed from 2015, one picture stood out in the number of likes and questions that I got and that picture was an Islamic wall paneling from ETQAAN's stand during INDEX 2015. So I decided to tell you more about this brand which is catering to the needs of society’s crème de la crème who have a flair for authentic Arabian art and vast appreciation for an almost extinct craft.

‘ETQAAN’, in Arabic language refers to ‘mastering an action’, this embodies the essence of perfecting craftsmanship, original design ideas and quality of products. It was specifically created to revive a fading craft and provide true art lovers with artistic heritage. Through the exclusively designed furniture pieces that combine original technique with a present-day take, the authenticity of the art form is preserved and all the while never compromised.

With original craftsmen from a four-generation family business, the exclusive carpentry becomes a serious form of art that requires superior technical skill and patience as intricate designs and Arabic calligraphy are meticulously engraved upon tables, doors and rooftop domes. This involves integrating different, often difficult to manipulate material such as metal, mother of pearl and camel bones with wood to create pieces of furniture that are become a collector’s item in one’s home.

If you are in the search for a wow alluring element in your space, look no more as you are bound to find something that piece at ETQAAN.

Dubai Design District, PREMISES 106, BLDG. 8

+971. 56.3977035


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