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What's black and white and insanely good-looking all over? This place!

In her own words, my lovely client (now a friend) wanted a fresh, bright and cozy home for her family small family - the result could'nt have been more gratifying! seeing her face brighten up as her whole house came together was something we were very delighted to see!

Turth be said, there were several design proposals that were shared before we landed the final design that we both felt was 'the perfect space'.

The before

The proposed space - detail

The proposed space - overall look

Although the house had all the big pieces in it, the dining table and the sofas) however it lacked life, and this is what we tried to achieve throughout.

The initial stages of the design process invovled putting together the overall mood for the whole space, after which we started the shopping run for all the elements to come together in the installation.

Since the space was drenched in light, warming up the walls was a must. We used Concerte like wallpaper that gave made elements pop against it, Al Ain Palace in Sharjah supplied and installed these perfectly along with the crisp white curtains we had picked.

Everything was sourced locally including the bespoke rugs we ordered via @fromjaipurwithlove where we selected a lovely shade of grey in a sanskrit pattern for the living room and another deep forest green one for the entrance. The accessories were from a variety of stores including Marina Home, Pier Import, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Ikea, The One, People of Sand, Typo, H&M, the Bowery Company & ofcourse everything green and living came from the Garden Centre.

The result? Astounding! But we'll leave you to decide that!

All the beautiful photography courtesy of the talented @celestevanrooyenphotography

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