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ASK A QUESTION :: What's the best way to place furniture in an irregular shaped bedroom?

Asked by Sabina. Apr 4, 2016

Hello, I have a design dilemma. We have an irregular shaped bedroom. It's semi circular in shape with Windows on one side of the semi circle and a curved wall at the other side. And the end of the room opposite the circular wall has built in wardrobes. It's shaped like the alphabet 'p'. It's a fairly large room.

My questions are as follows: What is the best way to design the room, place the furniture in irregular shaped rooms. We have a bed, bedside tables on either side of the bed, tv console, a narrow tall bookshelf and an arm chair. Please suggest tips to decorate an irregular space. Currently we have dark wood furniture, dark rug and dark curtains. How can I make the room look more light without changing the furniture. Tips to update a room without breaking the bank would also be appreciated.


Answered by Nisrine, Apr 6, 2016

Hello Sabina. The room shape you have might seem limiting! Many of my clients have this common confusion on how to best arrange their furniture. Whether it is an old home that has awkwardly placed windows or new construction with an endlessly open floor plan here are a few tricks that can help guide you to put all your pieces in just the right spot.

Create Zones​

Establish all the functions that need to take place in the room. For your master bedroom for example you wanted to address sleeping, and an area for watching tv and reading. So divide the space up based on those needs.

Embrace asymmetry

Instead of trying to fight the odd shape of your room, we just have to accept it. By swapping your bed with the side of the wall where the large chair is, we create balance, and by adding a standing lamp next to the Chair by the windows we are saying—“hey this space isn’t perfectly symmetrical but we are OK with it!”

This will make the windows the focus of the room instead of hiding them.

Define & Anchor space

On my favorite tricks for an awkward shaped space is using an area rug. This helps anchor and define space and further established the zones created in number one. So place your carpet further under the bed so three quarters of it is under it.

Pull furniture away from walls

Now this is something I really have to work with clients on. For some reason everyone just wants to line the perimeter of their room with all their furniture and call it good. DON’T! The best way to deal with an odd shaped room is to pull the furniture away from the walls and use the pieces to create barriers and zones. By floating the chair in the nook by the window we establish this area as a separate zone and create a cozy seating alcove.

My further recommendations :

- Brighten up your space by adding in more beige, light wood frames and white elements... swap your bed cover for simple white sheets, remove the curtain hooks and let the curtains just hang straight down.

- Collect all your hanging art to become one big art wall above the bed.

- Consider hanging the TV and removing the storage under it, this will make the room larger and all you to watch TV from your bed.

Happy decorating,


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