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ASK A QUESTION :: Kilims in Dubai?

Asked by Julia. Apr 20, 2016

Hello! I am currently looking into buying rugs for our house to make it more homely and give it a warmer feeling. I am a big fan of Kilim rugs. Do you know where to find these in Dubai?

Thanks alot!

Answered by Nisrine, Apr 21, 2016

Hello Julia.

Kilims are a wonderful addition to any house and there's a reason why these rugs are becoming a particular favourite among interior designers; they're old but modern, eclectic yet trendy, and bold but somehow astonishingly adaptable. Hailing from a region that spans from the Balkans to Pakistan.

You can find a couple of nice ones at IKEA, or the similar looking ones from the Facebook shop Bedouin Kilim in Dubai or from Blanc D'ivoire in Dubai.

Alternatively, and if you are willing to wait three more weeks for INDEX EXHIBITION (which starts on the 23rd of May) you can probably score yourself a couple of fairly priced rugs straight from the source!

Happy decorating.


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