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Do you know that amazing thrill that comes with creating a new space and getting settled in a new house? that same process becomes a struggle when you’re not quite sure anymore what style you are after and the furniture you already own doesn't seem to fit together. This is the state of many of us and it was the same case with the lovely family from our latest Abu Dhabi project. They had just moved into their house and their furniture didn't quite fit nor did they feel it was them.

The decision was set on basing the whole makeover on two lovely persian carpets they had owned. The blue in them became the common thread for the the whole project and it repeated in several elements within.

From there we sourced the furniture from various shops including The One, Pottery Barn, Marina Home & Ikea. The dining room chairs were reupholstered and we gave the dining table a makeover as well. The walls received a facelift with non other than Jotun Fenomastic paints including the wonderful application of Lady Design Metallic Linen to the entrance which welcomes you with an amazing feel of glamour as you enter the house in its on trend nuances of gold & silver.

The artful mashup of materials, textures and colours almost came into a medley that lent soul and vibe throughout the house and gave an authentic, cool and intimate home to our client. A home that drenches you in fresh bounced light from all angles.

We couldn't have been happier with the results! You can see it for yourself below! It was so good it got featured in Emirates Homes magazine! Check the feature here.

Are you ready for your own house transformation? Begin by contacting us here!

Before - The living room

Before - The Dining room

The proposed scheme

The Results!


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