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In perfect timing for some Ramadan redecor and uplift, Jotun recently launched a brand new trio palette especially for the region, titled Oriental Collection.

This Arabian inspired palette with a contemporary twist, with its festive new colour selection that beautifully combines art, craft and style. The new Oriental shades celebrate rich traditions reflecting the oriental warmth and timeless heritage.

Typically perfect for little nooks and small areas where it brings in an artistic wow effect, the shades of this special Oriental Collection family are headlined by three exquisite colours; “Thahabi” showcasing royal walls that reminisce the golden grains of sand from the Arabian desert while highlighting the contemporary use of luminous tones at home; “Asmar” an antique and enduring metallic brown that adds richness and timeless luxury to walls and “Babil” that reiterates the ancient era with a rich green metallic coating.

The Oriental range is beautifully complemented with shades that blend seamlessly to intensify the contemporary and deep rooted hues thus making it a complete décor experience for the end user. This festive palette when interwoven with selected tones from Jotun’s Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt, perfectly define the inspiring story of design. Combining ‘Thahabi’ with a warm white (Egg White 1001) to brighten the lustrious gold finish, ‘Asmar with a deep jet black (Carbon Black 9920) featuring bold and beautiful paint effects for an enhanced antique eye and ‘Babil’ with a smooth pale brown (Space 10678)– a contemporary selection ideal for those looking to make a statement in the adorned space.

Where would you use it in your space?

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