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When at Index earlier in May, I met the wonderful Tamilla and got to know more about her and her newly introduced bespoke furniture line in Dubai.

Please tell us about your business and what inspired you to start your business adventure?

‘Tamstuff is an exclusive design firm, specializing in contemporary bespoke furniture and interior design.

Having studied Spatial design in London, followed by a great career in retail design with Bloomingdale’s home store Dubai, I have always had a great passion for home decoration, materials and furniture.

After moving to UAE, I truly struggled to find eclectic, minimal furniture for my new home that wasn’t vintage or modern country, and didn’t have the crazy price tag attached, and there it was, my moment!

As I realized the great potential in the local community, I was pleased & yet surprised to see traditional skills such as welding, carpentry and joinery has a presence amongst local craftsmen in this region, and the quality can easily be compared to the European counterparts.

Today, I offer an exclusive furniture collection as my stage, they are part of a limited edition, individually designed through rare combination of materials & manufactured in UAE. The collection inspires my clients & offers the freedom of customization and bespoke design for those modern collectors and design enthusiasts.

Where can we find your products?

As the business is quite young, my plan is be in pop up shops and exhibitions. I have recently showcased at INDEX 2016, where the collection was admired by the crowed. You can check out Home Outfitters on Umm Suqeim road to see some of the pieces. Alternatively you can sign up to tamstuff social media and website and you will be updated with all the new adventures.


What inspire you in/about Dubai?

Diversity of nationalities, warmth of the people & endless opportunities to grow.

Favourite thing to do in City?

Grab my laptop and work in a Café facing the sea.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I am not a morning person, so I always say life is too short not to enjoy a good sleep! The rest of the day dramatically varies when you are your own boss. As the weekdays are hectic, weekends are usually quite calm. Tamstuff, some reading, sport, online Ted or Utube talk and a good conversation with a friend or my brother are usually the highlights. And if I get a chance to visit DIFC, I can call it a good weekend, I love the architecture, peacefulness and openness of DIFC on Saturdays.

A Dubai store you could spend hours browsing?

Not a big shopper, however leave me in Dubai mall in the fashion atrium, and I love to window shop for new fixture materials, store facades, window themes….. it inspires me and gets me excited.


Things you can't live without?

As silly as I sound my pocket vaseline! Addicted for 20 years now J And if I am about to be left on that same island where everyone’s stuck in, then I’ll go for a Mac and a good healthy wifi.

As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

We all have plenty of ideas and plans, however I was lucky to have someone encourage me to start with baby steps. Just get started with one thing, simply make your product or service, talk to people about it (not just your friends) and sell it. Just one single item! Done! That’s your starting point. After this it gets complicated, dreadful and depressing…. I remember a month ago, I was putting on my jeans, & thought to myself ‘can I please go back to my full time job and forget I started tasmtuff’…. But you have sold your idea to one person, there’s no return. Research your field thoroughly, come up with many ideas (there will be plenty of failures) and go out there, meet people & show them your enthusiasm in your product. Don’t be fooled, you need to do it all yourself & it’s a fantastic experience.

Do you read any blog? If so which ones are your favorite?

I am not quite a blog reader, however my monthly update is Elle decoration UK magazine and visiting exhibitions & new places around town.

Do you have a life motto?

Depending on what I am going through my motto changes often. 2016 motto has been ‘the best way to succeed in business is to be in business’ from a YouTube talk.



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