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Working on makeover projects means partnering up with trusted service suppliers who would deliver on time and in the quality you need to make the project shine. I was particularly happy to know of the new Swiffix app which allows you to book such a service instantly and with a very reasonable fixed rate.

I chat with John the CEO of Swiffix on how he came up with this great App service..

John, can you please introduce yourself?

I am a husband, father and entrepreneur who enjoys working in ancient industries to improve the status quote with a simple idea to both sides of any industries, through building unique things.

Who are you and what do you do for a living? tell us about your business/App and what inspired you to start your business/App adventure?

I am the CEO/ CO-Founder of Swiffix which is a on demand home and car services platform. Swiffix is a technology platform that connects users with pre-screened service professionals to fulfill their home maintenance and car servicing needs. The first platform of its kind, Swiffix will provide instant job estimates with an ability to book within 60 seconds, track the progress of your job all the way up to completion and making a secure online payment.

Well the idea of Swiffix came from both my desire to make life simple for busy people in urban cities and our personal struggles and pain points when it comes to home and car services. This is a summary of some of these pain points and struggles; immediate access to professionals without paying a annual contract, the ability for our wives and mothers to order a professional without being a market expert or go through a hassle, finding and selecting the right service provider, quality of the professional that visits your home, a lack of standardization in pricing where there is wide range of pricing between service providers for the same job, lack of reliability as upon selection of a service provider being let down by unfulfilled promises and not being able to do anything about it as there is no accountability (not showing up or being late, experience from the moment they enter your home, actually fixing the job), trackability of the professional that is coming to visit your your home and your home service expenses.

Tell us about your selection process for the service providers, how does it all work?

Our selection process depends on 3 main points:

1- Current market reputation of the organisation and leadership.

2- Technical Assessment of each professional

3- Customer Experience Assessment

Should an organisation meet the above standards we don't necessary approve all their professionals except if each professional passes the technical and customer experience assessment. The continuous selection process happens from our community of users based on the rating provided to each professional after the job is done. A professional requires and average of 4 star rating to remain on the platform.

Professionals are required to attend regular training session by Swiffix to improve the overall user experiences based on feedback from user rating and specific reason of that rating .


What inspire you in/about Dubai?

Dubai is a mix between the East and West a melting pot for different cultures and backgrounds which exposes you to a lot of different experiences.

Favourite thing to do in City?

I am a outdoor person, my favorite thing is to enjoy a day on the beach with my family.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend?

Playing sports and barbecuing with family and friends.

A Dubai store you could spend hours browsing?

Don't really like stores or shopping as a matter of fact I avoid the mall and can go without visiting for months!


Things you can't live without?

I truly can't live without the love and support I have from my wife and my little man and friends.

As an entrepreneur please share some tips that help you set up?

If you believe in something, figure out a way to do it, focus on the problem you are solving and the difference you are making and not the way you came up with solving it. Be loyal to the problem and agile on how to change your approach to solving it. Your agility is one of your biggest advantages especially over larger organizations, don't loose it.

Do you have a life motto?

There is always a way.

Now all Harf Noon Design Studio followers can make use of the PROMO CODE 'HarfNoon' for an instant discount of AED 50 on any SWIFFIX services when you place your first request. *The promo code is valid till Oct. 15.


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