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You might have checked out Part 1 of our latest home reveal (check part 1 here), we now take you on a tour on the rest of the house tour.

The Master Bedroom Inside, the light continues to permeate the rooms, and the bedroom maintains that simple, but cozy modern feel.

My client fell in love with a beautiful horse painting she had purchased for the new house, so we stayed in line with its colors and emphasized the layers and textures to create a serene and luxurious feeling. The room gets gorgeous light that bounces off all the crisp grey walls, but for the night we added beautiful black out curtains in a luxurious finish and pattern that adds further visual depth to the room.

The bed we chose almost cuddles you (warning though- it had to be brought up 32 flights of stairs as it didn't fit in the elevators!) The bedding was crisp white cotton, throw pillows and a lovely brick color throw from The One.

A painting of another beautiful horse was placed on top as a source for all the colors in the room. We added the leather studded side beds from Marina Home to give it an edge and hung metal mirrored side lamps from The One to allow for ample space by the bed.

Since the room has a great view just like the rest of the house, we had to add the super comfy IKEA side chair & footrest as well as table for that morning coffee.

Another Television set was installed in the bedroom along with an IKEA media cabinet that not only offers extra storage but anchors the room nicely.

Accessories were simple silver frames, plenty of candles and greenery all over.