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Salone del Mobile is Milan's annual showcase when pop-up galleries, art exhibitions, and on top of that, the city of Milan truly embraces all things design and we see the emerging industry trends from all around the world. in simple words...Inspiration overload!

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend four days in Milan (thanks to Jotun Paints!) and let’s just say that wasn’t even close to enough time to take in all the city was offering. Truthfully, even a week is not enough to see it all! And while I’m sure there are great events or vendors I missed (Instagram has been giving me major FOMO), these were some of my favourite trends that I am sure we will be seeing everywhere.


I saw alot of dark Walls and dark finishes highlighted by loads of metals whether gold, brass or silver.

Both Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood & 4785 Blue River, which were launched at Ventura Lambrate, both showcase beautiful nuances. The brown with its reddish undertones and the deep elegant and comfortable blue tone which flows easily with a variety of other colours.

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood

Jotun 4785 Blue River



Everything is soft in the spring, from the breezes, to the bunnies, to the color palettes. The softest palette of all? Pastels.

The third colour from Jotun paints, launched at Ventura Lambrate, was Jotun's 5452 Nordic Breeze, a perfect, light grey-blue colour with a toned down touch that leaves a soothing and cool atmosphere in the room.

There was also the trending pastels in Anette Krogstad's collection of glazed artwork in the form of tableware inspired by the Norwegian winter scape.

Even Ikea's tableware collection featured those pastels beautifully.

Barmen & Brekke also showcased beautiful ceramic & wooden vessels in the most beautiful pastels.

You can work on incorporating pastels into your interior decor without skewing too fussy or feminine by adding them to a high-contrast color scheme. The muted tones soften a graphic mix and add warmth to a stark space.

Jotun's 5452 Nordic Breeze

Anette Krogstad



Those accessories that stand out as pieces of art due to their simplified form and function that will defy time, like the Slick black trays and globes from the Lampi collection, designed by Elina Ulvio, with their reversible mirrors and trays which was exhibited during Salone Satellite 2017. Whats beautiful about it is that it can hang on the wall to use as a mirror or placed on a table to function as a tray or turn the farm upside down for stable mirror position. Its almost like a sculptural window to the present moment.

Jenkins & Uhnger collaborated to create Tangent , a series of lamps with an LED strip light tangentially fixed to a pedestal, enabling them to be positioned to create whatever functional or aesthetic lighting effect is desired.

The Miniforms booth in the main Salone del Mobile section, featured the Caruso Cabinet, another favourite of the week with its unique form and blush colours.





Lush greenery, exotic botanicals and wild branches were very evident in all the spaces in Milan. Embracing the tropical holiday vibes with live greens, exotic prints and pieces celebrating natural materials, these have proved to be the summer's trending interior pieces that will liven up any space.

Not only were they accessories for the spaces but were the centre of it all like at Pota Fiore, or the “flower bistro”, where the singing florist Rosalba Piccinni, who has developed, over the years, her passion in welcoming people, by turning the time needed to prepare a flower bouquet into a very relaxing moment for enjoying good music along with good food. The interiors are alive and with alot of eye candy to indulge in over a sumptuous meal. I'm guessing I will be using I those turned over pots and and pot less cacti in my garden soon!

Various exhibitors at Saloni also embraced the waterfall greens and big palm trees.

Pota Fiore

Pota Fiore

Pota Fiore

Pota Fiore

Pota Fiore

Pota Fiore


Yes velvets have been making a comeback during the past year and this trend is definitely here to stay as they are not only luxurious to the eye and soft to the touch but they are all so much easier to maintain and can last a lifetime if they are made of quality velvet.

My Domus



The strongest memory that will forever remain is the lovely smell of spring in the city...that sweet aroma ( it was probably all the blooming flowers), but, in general all the spaces I stepped to had a wonderful essence, a signature smell that awakens the senses. Needless to say that Italians are not only good looking but smell great! We were lucky enough to visit LabSolue, the Perfume Laboratory inside the wonderful Magna Pars Suites Milano, the world’s first Hotel à Parfum. Each suite has an exclusive scent made for it at the laboratory.

At the lab, you can experience all sorts of scents which are either wooden, fruit or flower based. I ended up picking a classic, a Gardenia scented candle that will forever remind me of this wonderful Design city.




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