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Anyone who knows me well knows how borderline OCD I can be, which is why I have survived on a leather sofa for many years before finally taking the plunge to move onto a white fabric sofa! This big decision only came after discovering the wonderful product of NANO4LIFE!!!

If you have been following my instagram stories a while back, you would have seen the entire easy process of application after which I actually tested the results by spilling my whole coffee mug on our Brand New White Sofa!!!

Trust me I almost had a heart attack!! but the promise of the product pushed me to give it a go! And the results wouldn't have been more impressive!! I followed the cleaning instructions simply by wiping it and it was all gone!!!!! All gone!!! Now try doing that on your sofa!

As a mother (and wife!) I know that having those stains on a couch are unavoidable and a hassle. NANO4LIFE furniture care protector creates an invisible barrier that will keep your furniture spotless and fearless of any situation - wether it was your dog, food spillage, soda on a carpet, your furniture will be protected from it all.

It is made of completely natural product extracted from plants - no harmful chemicals, allergens, its antimicrobial, acid and base resistant.

The application process is very simple too and you can either do it yourself or book a home furniture service online or by calling.

Best of all if you quote Harf Noon Design Studio you will receive a 200 AED voucher to use on your booking!!!!! Now how fab is that?!!!

Just contact Nicholas Lujiri to avail the voucher and protect your furniture.


Tel: +971 55 707 6159



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