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I am so thrilled to finally tell you all about my latest design venture in product design! Our own Harf Noon Collection in collaboration with Carpet Centre!

Having been in the interiors market for quite some time, and while working on different projects with different client needs, I felt that despite all the available options, there was still a need for a beautiful line of carpets that interpreted our middle eastern heritage into a contemporary design.

So one night I woke up and started sketching what ultimately became initial designs for the collection. Inspired by this region where I was born and raised, I wanted to translate my fascination with the UAE’s modern fabric and give its heritage a twist in design.

Hence you will find the sand dunes and sea waves in the patterns as well as the optical illusion of the modern buildings which have woven through onto these cosmopolitan cities. I also created one ornamental pattern lending it a traditional vibe. All of these multilayered qualities are transferred onto the carpets designs.

I then created these motifs digitally on a computer and shared them with carpet centre who were quite pleased and advised on what worked and what didn't in terms of materials, sizes and type of weaves based on their vast experience of generations. We went through several stages testing the patterns and various colors options until we landed the final collection. The process took exactly one year to produce from the very first sketches until the final product, and you all were part of it helping me select the colours and patterns you most liked!

The loom-knotted Harf Noon collection of carpets breathe order, balance & calm into any setting, And their tonal designs in extra fine New Zealand wool and Eco friendly art Silk are at once casual, chic and ultra sophisticated, with intricately shaded neutrals like dim gray, ivory, Chestnut, Azure, Peach and silver.

All found in 4 unique modern patterns to fit any space. And it is that same harmony of the co-existence of the patterns that renders them easy to mix and match to ones desire.

Whether you are winding down from a hard-earned day or gently easing into a new one, the soothing designs in the Harf Noon Collection will provide the perfect sense of harmony and peace just where you need it most.

The carpets can work for luxury hotels, residences and commercial projects too and they come in many sizes which is perfect for any space whether its for a majlis, living room or a corridor. You can now shop the collection at Carpet Centre, both at their outlet and online website​



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