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It is always lovely when we finish a project with a client and they are so happy with the results that they call you again to work on yet another space in their home!

This is exactly what our sweet client from Sharjah requested. We had finished her house before summer and called us again by end of the year to work on her master bedroom. Her baby was now a toddler and she was ready to move him out of the bedroom and reclaim it as a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.

Truth be told we were given a beautiful base to start with. Her bed and side tables were very nicely selected from Pottery Barn but the rest of the room was completely empty. So we decided to designate two separate spaces in the large space to stop it from feeling cold and empty.

The overall look we opted for was one of ultimate comfort and lightness with carefully selected pieces of furniture and accessories that immediately brought the space to life.

To stay true to that feeling, we opted for a neutral base in all the selected furniture and relied on metallic golds and silvers and very minimal colour pertaining in the navy blue chinoiserie vases.

For the seating area we selected a beautifully shaped Indigo Living 2 seater sofa and matched it with an equally interesting arm char from 2XL. Both were enhanced with a beautiful selection of pillows from Zara Home that added interest and colour to them. To break the rigidity of the room, we decided to place them at an angle which not only makes the space cosier (as it eats away from the space) but it also welcomes you as you enter the room. For the coffee table, we made use of a coffee table they had in store from IDdesign and we used a matching golden table (2XL) for an occasional table. Both were styled with candles, a beautiful faux flower arrangement and vase (The One).

To create more interest in that corner we added a tall faux ficus tree and flanked it with a huge beautiful artwork in restful pastel colours while we added two incredibly big silver lanterns on the floor for those romantic nights in.

The bed was centered to two gorgeous mirror side tables and complimented by two large golden metal bedside lamps (2XL). Again the selection was due to their egg shape which broke the rigidity of the bigger furniture pieces. We styled them with tea light holders and picture frames to keep it personal. The bed was layered off with a beautiful set of linen in white and light green, and plenty of throw cushions! Plus a matching bench at the end of the day, which is perfect for laying on outfits or making putting on heels a bit easier! And Circular mirrors from Homes R Us was also added for interest.

Of course a bedroom would not be complete without a dresser and a mirror and we were lucky to find the perfect matching pair although from two different shops, The One & Indigo. We styled it with rest of the chinoiserie blue and gold vases and more metallic accents like tray which we filled with perfumes and added more picture frames to.

We are pretty certain their nights in have become a lot more enjoyable! Don't you think?

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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