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We are filled with pure joy and excitement when we have returning clients, Yaaaay!

Our Sharjah client called us back after we had done their entrance foyer, dining and living room a few months ago; this time to tackle their spacious bedroom.

The brief was simple in that our client wanted to have a space that felt cosy and comfortable – considering the large area. It needed to be a space that when one enters the room, it feels like you have entered a new time zone of pure comfort and tranquillity.

We opted for calming tones of grey and white, complimented by blues, mint and sea green with subtle hints of blush. Having such a big room one can quickly feel lost by the large open spaces, but by a slight adjustment of existing furniture and introducing accessories, wall art and greenery, the whole space was suddenly transformed into a blissful environment.

At the entrance of the bedroom, we filled a large open wall space with a beautiful piece of art work from 2XL, accompanied by a perfectly fitting console from Lifestyle – and already the bedroom started getting a new sense of life. To compliment the colours in the painting, we opted for a variety of throw cushions from H&M Home, The ONE and Lifestyle (we do love our scatters!). It is important to remember when styling a bed to keep in mind the rest of the interior so that your bed linen doesn’t clash with the rest of the space. If you are unsure, stick to a neutral pallete and perhaps play around with textures.

Nothing adds more of a soft touch than a good proper throw or quilt, and by layering a lovely grey throw from Robinsons with an existing white throw the client owned, the bed instantly had more body and soul.

Accompanying the colour of the seating area in one corner of the room, we introduced two lovely turquoise bedside lamps from 2XL that made the entire room pop. Above the existing bed we opted for a lovely wall hanging piece from PAN Emirates and round golden mirrors that give the space a subtle feeling of sophistication and luxury. Opposite the bed there was an existing chest of drawers and we decided to make it stand out more, as it was already such a nice feature in the space. We added a lovely silver mirror from The ONE to the centre and filled the top of the chest with some gorgeous accessories from H&M Home. No space is complete without some form of greenery – especially when living in the Middle East, all we see most of the time is dust and desert – so we placed a beautiful vase filled with Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath here as well. Not only does the enchanting smell captivate you, but it automatically gives the space a natural sense of calmness. We also added a large indoor plant in another corner of the room which gave a breath of new life to the bedroom instantly.

To pick up on the golden mirrors above the bed, we found a set of elegant nesting tables from 2XL (end of range now unfortunately), styled it with a beautiful blush round bowl from H&M Home and complimented it with faux flowers in a clear decorative glass vase from Maison du Monde.

To many more peaceful nights of relaxation and sleep…

Are you ready for making your space look like you? Let us know how we can help! contact us here.



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